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Some of the one time then and teaser providing amazing opportunities to artists creators and allowing people to invest in digital cats which is great but on the other hand because it works like bitcoin. Where record of is stored in a shed. Ledger cooled the blockchain. It uses up. A huge amount of server. Power across the globe is pretty bad for the environment. And then there's the issue people jumping into these investments and things that might not really be worth anything. The ultimately alex alan. Do you think this craze for nf teas can lost. I can't say we are past the first peak. Sales are not reaching the levels. They were and people who have bought grossly over inflated bdo nfc art a finding that. No one wants to buy it from them. I don't think we'll get another huge bubble in this sector for awhile thing on keeping an eye on As a with this whole thing. Tim burners leader creator of the world. Wide web is selling. Nfc representing the source code of the web is a hugely important stark fact and is something that could only be sold as an f. t. i think it will probably sell for millions of dollars. The question for me is kind of does itself a more or less than people's artwork if it sells for more. I think that's still a lot of runway for this trend. If it doesn't then. I think that's proof that the huge boosters of the sector have stopped plowing money into it and that for me is the beginning of a real bust sharing. We began this episode by talking about a gorilla. Harambee and jeff mccurry very famous photo of him. Jeff has now sold that as an nf. T- what happened. you know. It was a bit touch and go for a lot. Actually i thought ambi would fly off the shelves but no one bought him for about a week. Say it was a bit no factoring. Eventually harambee did cell. He went for fifty seven thousand pounds on gene feds grazing dona wells to say that all of sudden after five years all of a sudden strangers are saying yeah. We're gonna pay you money for what you did five years ago. Thanks jeff is very very happy about it. And he was in very billion spirits. I gave him a phone congratulate him and he planning to move to hawaii. Good enough to move away and be on your there anything but now i get enough to clear a all my thing here and have enough to buy a nice khandu over there. So yeah that these very happy delightedly fills the harambee mason. Botany with that. We want him to be happy but really pleased that jeff has managed to make some money his image. He would just be so happy. Yeah i have no problem. Believing in around may would be thrilled. That i'm enjoying the success. He was a good new. I wanted him to succeed and he wanted to meet his sixteen. I have no doubt. Jeff fairs that this is sort of. You know beckham pants for all at the times that he stalled his image that his permission he's move to hawaii guys ponder and so think about that big rock and heaven donna hem and this is okay now sharon thank you very much. Thank you so much for having me. That was sharing collie read her article about the people selling their memes at a guardian dot com. We can also find alex's interview with timber nestle. He sold the web sauce skaters and nfc after we made this episode. But did it go for millions of dollars. It did but it made a lot. It did but it made a lot less than the artist. People his f. t. Sold for sixty nine million dollars in march at the end of jean tim bowness lease and ft went for five point. Four million. I'll to decide. If the non fungible token bubble has burst or not this episode was produced by alex. Aytac a net carter miles. Sound design was by samiullah. Noni the executive producers are. Phil may not an archie bland. I even doing. This are reruns over the past week. We'll be back with a brand new episode tomorrow..

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