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He didn't like it. He got really frustrated his last year in Cleveland before Miami. He didn't remember you went to the Olympics. He played with great players. He sitting there with all these c. plus guys and like, right, but he didn't have any rings then any isn't. It wasn't the brand that we know now also bit of Lakers news as Lonzo continues to work as way back from off season knee surgery. Rajon Rondo is expected to be the starting point guard for the Lakers Luqun informed ESPN of yesterday at media day, so Rondo will be starting. Well, Lonzo recovers. Yeah, I don't think that's a big surprise. I didn't know how far along Laura's recovery was because it feels like that was the conversation is Rhonda gonna start over Lonzo in the feeling like he was going to be better than Lonzo, but it's just his knee is recovering at this particular point. Why is going to be starting so official now joy with news? Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard lie. Travis. Kelsey is around the corner. So I was thinking about this in thirty minutes the herd hierarchy. We do it. Every Tuesday I was thinking about this is that. Would the advent of Facebook's and Instagram, or as Bill Belichick calls it Snapface. They, we have what I would call a pile on culture is that we build up celebrities and then the minute we can tear them down. We just everybody piles on very easy to go on Twitter and pile on people. It's very hard to go on Twitter and social media and have a contrarian voice and support the guy who's getting crushed or the woman. And so last week. I bet a thousand dollars on a regular season football game. I've never done that. And then I put the pick into a suitcase, and then we unveiled the suitcase after the game was over. And it just so happened that I had picked the Cleveland Browns minus three. So I wanna thousand dollars now. I didn't know. Baker was gonna play, but I thought we had so much fun doing that last week is that I'm going to do it again this week, but I'm not going to be mysterious. I'm gonna be completely up front. Because Baker Mayfield one me money. His new name on this show is Baker Baker. Money clip maker. Baker made me money. So I thought instead of a mystery people were so into it. Let's just bet. Baker Mayfield game this week. Now I want to go back to my belief on what is happened with the amplification of media in America, the Facebooks, and the Twitter and Instagram is that what we do now is we overreact to everything we either over sympathize or we over criticize right now. Baker Mayfield is getting all this love. Cleveland has now won. One of their last twenty starts. One of their last twenty start that was at home last week against a rookie quarterback, making his third starting eleven days against a very, very good Cleveland defense and the jets have absolutely no weapons. In fact, if you go back to that game, the jets lead in the third quarter, six minutes left fourteen to three. Sam darnold had just dug jet out of a hole and completed a first down pass. If this hadn't happened last Thursday, the jets might have one. Here's the play. Here's a nice throw and catch. I down, but the ball is out Anderson made the catch and Denzel war. The rookie takes it inside the ten, just took it right out of his arms that kid complain and another takeaway by this Cleveland defense. If that does not happen in Robbie Anderson's knee, which was this far from going down, goes down. It's fourteen to three jets. They have a first down the Browns, don't get the ball and easy, three points. They couldn't move the football and the momentum in the football stadium completely changed. It would still be jets people. They would have I down maybe get another first down second down and they punt the ball, and Baker gets deep and we're entering the fourth quarter and maybe they don't get that comeback in miraculously at the end score with a minute and a half left..

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