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It's like with the insults. Sometimes you know you you you start thinking about it. You start researching. Like i don't think current agreed with me. There at all hudson was what i said once you break out and once you research it on the web so i think there is something to be said for that there as well Let's Let's move onto the tenth round as it has just completed and we move into the second half of this joe's number three here ladies and gentlemen tonight be first pick of around was indeed trevor lawrence to edward and mike That backs up jalen hurts for him. Trae lance the backup quarterback for just herbert for marcus grant Aj dylan the number three running back to matt. Andrew stone certain pound these You know high upside Backup running backs. Are the stones now from the ten spot tonight. Evan anger backing. Tj hopkinson for darren armani and then james connor was that running back. That chain hallam was alluding to in the blog. Talk radio chat tonight saying that conner not on this is the running back to To own in in pittsburgh I beg your pardon in arizona. Here gus edwards right after that running back forty one and that is nelson verbas fourth running back. He gets him in the tenth round. Followed by jamal williams the backup running back in detroit or the one be running back in detroit. I should say based on the coaches What they're saying there jamaal goes to derrick caplis. Adam trautman the new orleans. saints Tight end tight end fifteen tonight and the second tight end drafted by john. Nagle is a real life. Teammate latavius murray goes running back forty three in the number four running back drafted by bip labs so that mandel gets running back to the first around avoids the position again until round ten. And then you're looking at brandin cooks. The david dodds willful. Or to rob your michael pittman to josh hayes So as we look back on the tenth round feral. I and i suppose i should be the one talking about this. 'cause i'm i'm closest to the packers here. I'm really starting to lake. Aj dylan this year. Think the thing if you look at from a fantasy aspect Aj in versus jamal williams. Can he replicate what your mall. Williams did last year can be better than jamal williams. I think the thing that scares me. Most farrell is is this guy that can pick up the blitz. Is this guy that the packers are going to trust picking up those those rogue linebackers coming at aaron rodgers. Because if he is he's going to be on the field more and it's going to become more of a fifty fifty split we've seen green bay really really wanna protect aaron jones and keep him healthy for a full season.

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