Jeff Gordon, Dale Gerrit, Hillary discussed on MRN Classic Races - 1997 Daytona 500


Ballot now leads the way side by side person and don't it up to the top of the banking dale tear it takes it at the bottom of the race track tear it's part dress up the banking ever so slightly downhill go side by side for third with bill elliott while that race he's going on in the last early martin to get another couple a car links on the leaders now it ducks back in single files across the line uses backup in second place front four cars are knows detain you know cherry get back in the line in the six position he may take it from jeff gordon as they exit turnover to woodhead down the back straightaway we have twenty five lapse to go all of the daytona five hundred sterling marlon leads earlier been bill elliott dan learn heart and dale gerrit now ervin's going to go after the top spot in the race in turn three good swings to the top of the banking starling marte won on the inside side by side probably doctor and four we have nobody to draft with kenny hang out there he's got i have some drafting help reason loss the lead and ernie irvin grabs if he may lose second places it allowed me and starling is caught to them out of the race track he's going back bernier believes that a total five hundred not for long on the backstretch will only drops lined up alongside her victory elliott takes the lead here for second is earlier this talk to the outside elliott get second now here's jeff more for a part of their race off the it's hard to make hands are tales of this win detail who knows how the best car we seen for five different machines do exactly what we want to hear the last three hillary is not act like you like the out of it all of a sudden here he is bleeding or heartfelt bankable to go now he is back at the second this is anybody's raised their back and one elliott to charge for now but wonder how long tailored hearts it's right behind a bit jeff gordon is back in the front the right to log in there you know what i want this time offered mailed elliott leads the way down the backs right away no one stepping out of line everyone a tight formation to chevrolet is behind the top forward taylor and martin gordon trying to track elliott.

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