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Kathleen thinks she may have for you may have i think i bring one into this world of boss maybe so maybe maybe it is delegated to some people earlier than others but the whole idea that is that there's it's threefold it's you can define for yourself who you are and what that means is that you're breaking all experts actions that are put upon you and that's that's something that i feel like is talked about significantly more now than ever before and i totally welcome that conversation i think society and family and you know even ourselves or or media put expectations on each of us and i think boss knows how to look through all of those and really into themselves and who it is if they want to be so a boss knows who it is that they are they also know what it is that they want and that's defined i think by who they are and releasing all of those expectations and getting so clear on what it is that you are here to do what it is that you're here to work for that you you can that you can start making it happen which is that last piece where you see the thing you want and you're gonna take the steps to get there and that is the hardest part as if like defining who you are and what you want is difficult enough you also have to get there and that's the work that we talk about all the time you know do the work be bosses how we end all of our podcast because you have to do the work to get there and someone who can show up and do that work all three of those pieces are the people that we see as being bossed they're the people who who own it and who worked for it and who achieve it and it's not easy is not always fun but it is always worth it on my gosh oh my gosh okay so two things i wanna tease out of this and we can go back and forth so one thing that is extremely hard for everybody to do on some level is to own it.

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