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So we all got together it very quickly. Snowballed Vigo has quite a few touches. He was down myself, Billy. Elijah didn't need persuading, but actually. To be shown. He was. He was quite good. The only the only flying New England genres Davis. Absolutely not under no. What do we do? So we didn't ask Janis Davis's scale double because he did a lot of the stuff that John and he was totally. We kind kinda have the fellowship here and they'll move. We all went down in Vigo, bro. You know about la- of whiskey him. He had a, we had an experience tune it and as beautiful place called Rogers, which is still there. And then from that point on, I Goff you a few more, educate every lost tattoo, not lost touch. You know ahead, Wayne investigates. Mainly text all my own. I taught Sousa mainly text things that need to remember about all things that I think are important to remember. I've got a line from strawberry fields forever. Living is easy with eyes, closed, misunderstanding. All you see because I was important your eyes open throughout life, and then it got the last line that was of a wrote, which is the love you take is equal to the love. You may The the words word. Bijan on my back. So I'm not the most gentle person in the world. I'm quite direct and got me into trouble over the years with people who are love. People who love me both being gentle with myself. I kinda give us of quite hard time sometimes. So had that written down on me and life imitates art, which I think if you are in some way involved in art, you're invested in the art world is is what of you sees whatever your filters. I see so many things Mirroring my life with what I'm doing in the way that I'm artist Ely expressing myself, you know, and I just thought that's really shrewd thing. Oscar Wilde was able to work out. You know, we, we, we talked to all day, but we do have at some point to actually do a podcast. Shooter. It's very quick questions at some people have been sending in fi Twitter society. Morrison at MaGee says, do you think marina will last a season. Domes. I, you know, I think he will Jose. Yes. Is Jose well, done, Tony. I just don't know where many I go because you know love the will is not available. Maybe Dan, I'm not sure if Saddam will come yet. Sorry. Because everything. So hysterical with Manchester United. If the wind, the grace team ever lose a problem. If if United win the next two games than he steadied the ship, everything's fine. You got positive statement from pug Bassein good. We're all in this together is over is just about results. They've not had very good results. They'll get back on those. It's really shaming of that good results will be a liveable fun, Chris. Yeah, maybe. Caitlyn sto- asks think flash Ford would have been more successful today with more flexibility for TV fi streaming services. Yeah, I think probably so a think flash forward was had the albatross of lost around his neck. It was made by the same network ABC and they were. They were literally looking for the new lost a big event piece of TV, and I think lost hadn't finished by that point. I think people just saying we've had lost experience. We need a bib a breed that we're not ready to invest in. Another six years in concert was great. It was a lot of fun doing it. And you know, I, for some reason, I wasn't as crestfallen of the cast and crew lost people who I know did that allow God would have been great, and I was like, well, you know, comes and goes. Business, not say that navigate time doing. Yeah, Paul Hill is billboards trumpet tree. Joke. The best Scottish accent joke ever guys, Nola. Billy Billy boys voice. Planted a Trump three, but still came en route to toot..

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