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Organizations bloomberg invest bloomberg's best stories of the week powered by twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries around the world i'm jim coil fell i'm ed baxter on this edition of bloomberg best aren't going hp ceo meg whitman discusses her decision to step down this has been in the works for some time and just decided that you know it's right for the next generation of leaders to take killing becker forward lamborghini she joost to follow the mena caller discusses the carmakers recordbreaking year we'll go the be over three thousand cell another hewlett so we gotta have a critical role set nearby year and incoming euro group president mario centeno says the european economy has room to grow we have the ability to too late to make area the faster and for longer periods of time if we implement the reforms needed all this should more coming up in the next hour of bloomberg best earlier this week cbs health officially announced that it would buy aetna the third largest health insurer and the us for more on the nearly sixty eight billion dollar deal bloomberg's david west in and alec steals spoke with aetna ceo ronald williams go back to two thousand ten did you see this coming was this sort of it in the back of your mind that some sort of closer relationship between cbs and that unlikely in your future well i think when we made the decision to partner with cbs had it was really focused on the pharmacy benefits business we had our own pbm and we concluded that as large as we were at that time we didn't have that scale that we needed we looked at cvs who looked at met kohl we looked at express scripts and we ultimately selected cvs to partner with because we felt they had a more healthcare oriented focus not just in.

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