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One hundred fifty four is the new the new number a different. People are going to be calling for the rest of the show. We didn't name them. All okay. I four cheese pizza is a bit much. So there this is really not as much cheeses pies. Will and thank you to show. Correct. Or Kevin Lawton who brought me right back on earth Krakatoa, Indonesia. He's always on the. Yeah. A lot of these cheeses. I've never heard of in their their names that I can't read the name of the the restaurant that one the record is cheeses Christ. Yeah. Absolutely. Thank you. I know that as of late drew you've become very passionate about your yogurt. And you told the tail on the air, and you still swear by to this day that when you were in the yogurt, I'll you felt overwhelmed, and there was a friendly gentleman there who turned you onto one specific brand. I was not overwhelmed at all. I was merely looking through my normal chill. Bonnie flavors. When this guy told me, hey, you got to get that waco's. It's triple zero. I said what are you talking about? He said that. Oh, it goes right there. It's banana cream you gotta get that. So yeah, I succumb to them. And then I got the older. Well, this past year has been absolutely traumatizing yogurt sales because it is down almost sixteen percent in the number one reason they are giving four yogurt being down so much as they save varieties of yogurt have become too much in that people. Find shopping for yoga to be difficult and confusing. So most people walk away from the yogurt. I'll without even vying a yogurt, that's ridiculous. There are a lot of yogurt, but you should never let the amounts overwhelm you to where you leave with no yoga, Seth Kush. Only eats yogurt that comes from a glass jar that his wife has travel all about town to find the man's particular. When it comes to food makes it sound. Like, I've got a roaming the earth. Just it's right down the street at fresh market. It's yoga because you know, John. I was a guy like I was in the yogurt. I'll I was lost. Oh too much fat too much sugar. This yogurt sucks. What's good? The milk soy regular found something that works. Okay. And sometimes my wife has to take journeys to get it. But she does that because she loves me. Good. Well, Jeff hammering the guy who runs Shabani said we as as yogurt companies need to look at ourselves because we have made the category more confusing for consumers the shelf has just become too difficult to shop, it's not difficult. There's just yogurt on many for get rid of some. Okay. Yeah. What do you want to give it a coconut cream pie? Flavors brand. Yeah. I mean because. Now, you're trying to live in Andrew gums America, where we have choices limited for us by socialists. It's too much. And I don't have listen, I don't have forty five minutes in my day yogurt, very very busy. So Dannon show body and goes can stay up and comer and pick one new draft pick. And then everybody else out of the yogurt game. Got it. It win. This is a crash to earth because right after Greek yogurt became a thing yogurt sales replied high in this country. And now, they think they can get away with every flavor in every brand could come up and they've ruined the yogurt business for everybody point. Sorry. It's okay. This is startling say. We should probably be taking this news. Very very seriously because WalMart announced that coming in February of twenty twenty. They will be hiring. That's not the word. I'm looking for robotic janitors, robotic janitor are called smart assistance. That are expected to take thousands and thousands of jobs away from human beings across the country. They will debut in February twenty twenty they will scrub floors scans shelf, inventory and sort shipments as well. As other duties done by human beings, starting in twenty twenty that is terrifying and Skynet is upon us. And it's about it's the end times. What do we do nothing? I guess if you see one just pour pour a jolt cola in his in his brain. Is that a problem because I feel like you know, there's people that are doing that job. But they probably don't want to do it. So is it a is it a big time issue if they're finding robots do jobs do family? There's a lot of people who have jobs, they don't necessarily want to do that doesn't mean that we should have robots come in and just put them out of work. There's long-time janitors. Like, hey, I want to be in the game over for me. They're they're saying janitor. But this thing is scrubbing floors, scanning shelf, inventory, and sorting shipments off the off the dies. So I mean off the dock these things are huge, by the way, they're over a thousand pounds Wasilla falls on somebody machine is known the average WalMart custody. I find. The robot will be heard these machines are known as the auto see and they're going to ruin over lights fine until it starts making those ladies you ride around there. The rascals the hover out. Hey, come back here. I gotta Saami. I want to hide in someone. I'm not a robot cleaning up these gonna talk John D now or doesn't say anything about about talking. No. It does have a it has sensors to avoid running people over it will relieves associates of jobs that quite frankly there he goes are unpopular the Instagram at ask models running to the walmarts post up on this robot. Like, so they can get ten thousand likes for sure I hope that I hope that the employees, you know, gang against the robots you want you want them to believe the baht. Yeah. They they'll be fights between normal people in robots versus road. These are anatomically, correct? Yes. They'll have. Perfect. They really will. Yep. The hell out of that. Louis looking at the screen was a detail the stories as one of my tips all cashed out all burnt up of smoked at all. Thank you. John. Who are you Tim? Tim, Tim arby's is doing a promotion, and they want to send you for one day to which United States. Hawaii. I'm fine. Thank you. Could you answer the question? Please. Until I joke for everybody song number one was rid boy song. Number two was shake it off song. Number three was dancing in the dark guys..

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