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I've i've seen them ended up on my rosters before even though i've got him at twelve he's a value because the aaron rodgers thing if aaron rodgers came back this off season and just back back back. He'd probably be easily the being drafted as the titan cigarettes. so yeah. I think he's a value and i'm willing to draft him in the ninth. His his career arc is interesting because he was he was a smaller school guy so tight ends from smaller schools. It's it's tougher for them to get get a fair shot. Even though he absolutely dominated a he was a production machine in his college days goes on drafted has to work his way up in. So i think that following the career arc tanya can still be of higher level Fantasy tight end to me. Yeah i agree and now we've finished all the good tight. It's mike ezekiel nine. See dallas got her to ten not interested in either one me either. Everything here is choice overdraft price and the price is too high for both those players. Yeah you actually have to pay a little bit more for those players in dallas goddard's going in the seventh round that's because we you know in the his. Adp got establish when nobody thought zacharias was going to be there. When zack is going to be there. Look douse got her way. Better blocker than hurts the arts you know in the first preseason game he was running more routes than got her. It really stinks. I wanna got it as breakout. Love him but with hurts their no mike ezekie lot was made about. How oh me. And they were using the tight end for the first preseason game. Miami didn't have while they didn't have fuller. They didn't have any of their wide receivers. Of course they're using the tight end. They water was out there but they they use the tight end but not singular tight end. They were using the tight end position like multiple guys and is not even out there for every single snap. You're gonna have explosive. Plays have disappearing. Yes. there are a few breakout calls. You can try to make later in your draft guys like bigger. Erm is more interested in talking about these guys. Irv junior no offense or from the minnesota. Vikings big herb smith noah fant is going in the seventh round. So we didn't you know we don't have him ranked where the consensus community has ranked. Which look i see the path. I mean if drew lock takes a step forward which it's possible or if teddy bridgewater bring some consistency. He had games last year At least he's young. At least he fits the mold. Jason you talked all about third year teaching hopkinson. The breakout like fant is a player that provides you big play upside on a regular basis checks a lot of the boxes. The strikes against him are basically quarterback. Play and jerry. Judy and portland sutton just the fact that he can't. He's not going to lead this team and targets. He's not going to be second in this team target. So that's the downside here for for fan but the talent is certainly there. Trautmann is going in the twelfth round. Mike you've put him on the map. Yeah trauma in new orleans saints tight end you have matan overall. We've talked a lot about on trauma but if you just coming back to the show tied in for the new orleans saints was a third round. Pick a couple years ago. The team traded all lot to go and get him and then they released jeered cook and josh hill over the off season and went all in on adam trauman. The first preseason game was concerning He did not see target however he was out there almost the entire game. So i'm not going to be more concerning. Yeah that's that's what i'm saying. It's troubling to to not see him get a target. But i'll wait until the precedes him week to to you know. Start making some adjustments. Because you want you would like to have your tight out there. Be a full-time player. Be like a gregg olson type of guy who's excellent blocking but then there's also a dynamic pass catcher which adam trauman is. Yeah i mean that'll be interesting to watch Forgotten down at the back of the draft. Is evan ingram. he's a value. He s he led the team targets. Last jeter talented. Yeah i know you're talking about ingram. I've always hated everything room and so for me. To say is the value means. He's actually a value. Because i don't i don't wanna talk them up. I think in dynasty leagues as well. He's a great target because he's still very young. He's probably going to switch teams I don't see the giants paying up for him and he's got the town if another team goes and pays a lot i think he's got a bright future and he's you know the titan eighteen right now which means he's undrafted which tight end is going to end up on more of your officers. It'll definitely tyler is is the one that ends up on the majority of teams so same for me. Yeah i would say man at this point is it's irv or trautmann. I wanna get some hopkinson. So what i need to have happened is. I need to be really good leagues where people are taking all my fifth round targets and then i will happily take him because he's on my list of fifth round targets but usually for for a late and i take that back who's going to be on. Most teams is one of the top. Three tight ends. Do you have a super deep tight in sleeper pick. That could break out. That i mean i know. Traumas kind of that for you might be yanked pretty high. Is there somebody else on the radar for either of you guys. I have one name. I know your name do you. Yeah i mean. I can like guess who is it. Is this gigantic. No that's a good one. Yeah that's the indianapolis colts tight end. He is the largest man in all of existence. The that ever walked the face of this earth. And we've we've seen you know carson wentz who will be back soon in later we've seen him over target his tight end. There's t y. Hilton is no longer a number one wide receiver. I like michael pittman a lot but you gotta leave room for. There's no one who is fully established as carson wentz go to target and it could end up being one of the tight ends..

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