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Is when i was supposed to be but then my dad. When i was nine he took a job down in columbia south america. That's where the south america comes in and it was back in nineteen sixty nine and It was columbia's very safe. It wasn't it was a little little dicey for diplomats kids. There was actually. We'd been there about a month. When i think the swiss ambassador son was kidnapped But apart from that it was weird because we were like middle class family and we lived in the states but for four years in south america. We got to sort of be rich because of the way. The peso were tim. My dad's company gave him a lot of stuff that you know just going back to cleveland. Ohio went back to being normal but it was a great experience because you got a really cool school that had kids from columbia switzerland agrees and i learned. I got fluent in spanish. Which came in real handy when the to new york in twenties also came in very handy on shoot which i can tell you about in a little while this winter or in the dominican republic Like our teachers. All teachers at the school were mostly ex. Peace corps workers so they're really very cold people and they wanted to be there. And then i moved back to. Cleveland heights ohio which was a real culture shock. It was in ninth grade. I didn't know anybody I didn't even know what a click was remember. I've listened to the radio beckham. people listen to the radio. The night before school started in someone was like colin show. Kids were nervous going back to school. And they said. I'm afraid of the clicks and i was like what the hell ism frigging click. I thought kind of those aren't arm evildoers right. But that's cleveland was just sort of normal. I really kinda got into acting. I've done a little bit in south america. I saw play on there. And i just thought this is cool and then in high school did you know did plays then. I realized it was one of the few things those kinda. I wanted to be a baseball player. But when i was in south america we didn't play baseball by the time i moved back to the states. Kids throwing curveballs. And i was like what the hell is that..

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