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Totta Don flog, which you can find every afternoon on my YouTube, channel at Todd Jeffries, be sure to share that on your show, your pages. Well governor Greg Abbott on FOX just a few minutes ago. He says he doesn't think the state is on the verge of going blue anytime soon. Listen to the Senate Texas will remain read the president is going to win the state of Texas. And we will continue to dominate note, no, this and that is it's been something like twenty four years or more than that. Since a statewide candidate one who was not Republican. So Texas is a dark red state. It will stay that way. There you go. That's Greg Abbott. Just a few minutes ago on five six recent Quinnipiac, poll university. Pulse suggest former vice president, Joe Biden could beat President Trump here in Texas. If the election were held today. That's UT, Texas Abune poll says it's split evenly fifty fifty right now. That's fighting leading the president forty eight to forty four in one Quinnipiac poll, a former congressman bettle, roar Chiasso came in with a couple of percentage points of ousting, incumbent, Republican, Ted Cruz back in two thousand eighteen here's the governor. We put a limit on the ability of taxing authorities to be able to raise your property taxes in the future. So this'll be both immediate and lasting property taxes in Texas that help our businesses, especially small businesses, as well as help our homeowner's. There you go. That's the, the governor talk just a few minutes ago about some of the accomplishments of the past few weeks here in the state of Texas. Now the law contains a controversial provision. It requires cities counties to holding election, if they want to raise. Property taxes beyond that three point five percent from the previous year, but those local governments are not happy because they say it could cost funding strategies and shortages for basic services like police transportation and parks. That's the threat that we've been hearing from a few, you know, and, and the mayor's office is across this area. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I'll tell you as far as any kind of poll that shows Donald Trump, that is fifty fifty in the state, first of all way to ridiculously early to have these polls. We haven't even had the first debate and in, I don't know what the left's can do with their debates, because can be a bunch of people up there -greeing with themselves that they all hate Donald Trump, and then they got nothing else. So it's too early made while in Florida where about to launch the reelection campaign for President Trump. Listen, the, the at Texas. Wrong soundbite. Hang on here. It is this is the folks there, in Florida, reaffirm -ation, that we're gonna make America great again. There you go. The president and his supporters have been lining up outside the Amway center since Monday morning. Then anticipation of getting inside. Twenty seven twenty thousand seat arena, berry, Tracy. He's there in line right now, feel it's important for us to give back and support him because he's there to support us. There you go. Now this rally is scheduled to begin at eight o'clock eastern time, seven o'clock ought to time. And while the president tweeted that hundred thousand supporters reserved ticket Amway center actually only holds about twenty thousand seats, is there anybody running on the left who could even come close to that, billing a three or a twenty thousand seat arena, and, you know, outside is going to be full outside. I'm sure they're gonna probably have big screens outside. He mentioned a couple of jumbo screens out there watching it's gonna be. The festival. It's like ozzfest. Yes. Something like that. What do you want to hear the president say tonight in this re-election? This is the first real reelection stop. This is where the train the Trump train pulls out here. What do you want the president to say jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five nine? Honestly, it's, it's, it's hard to come up with something simply because he's already said so much. I like it's like he he seems to be checking the boxes has he kept his promises? He's got to get the healthcare thing healthcare has to be settled. He does if he doesn't get healthcare. He will be reelected. And if that's not done at the end of his second term, that's going to be really unfortunate. Those left are seeing this as just a campaign, push something to hype up the president's supporters. The Trump administration is planning a big roundup of illegal immigrants. The president announced on Twitter sweeping plan to remove millions of illegal immigrants from the country starting next week. The tweet came as a surprise to immigration and customs enforcement officials, according to the Washington Post the proposal has been in the works for months. And it seemed by the administration, it's a deterrent to others who are skipping immigration hearings in April. Then homeland security secretary Kirstin Nielsen express concerns about the plan, citing a lack of preparedness and possible public outrage in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, FOX. Knicks jump in here five one two eight three six zero five ninety that scares a lot of people. I really do think that if Donald Trump is not reelected. I think economically it could be a disaster. I really wow. You sound like Mark you out now, may maybe it's all relative, because, you know, the, the, the numbers of anything to do with the economy of shot up so much since his presidency, began, you know, it's not going to be the great depression, but surely here in the state of Texas, where things are going almost flawlessly, economically that I think it would hurt you thank do a really what happened. Well, I think first of all, you'd see a big decline in the stock market. But why, why confidence confidence? I think that's the bottom line, the confidence. Yeah. Joe Biden wins Wall Street panics. Yeah, I think so. And I think that a lot of it and is, you know, the stock market reacts to just kind of what's in the air. I mean it's just how it lot of it's just based on perception. And by the way, the Dow's up three hundred twenty points right now. So I think that a lot of people are I think, just based on comp lack of confidence. Listen, the Austin independent school district board of trustees, they have now approved a budget. One point six billion dollars was only one point four last year. We had more kids, then. Yeah, the born also has hired Stephanie Holly to lead won't be to be to be the first chief equity officer for the school district. We'll get into that just a minute. During public comment session last night with teachers school district static thank the board. Kinser fus. He's percents, the teacher's union. He's excited about the pay raise the school board is school finance law signed just last week by the gover- allows the school district to increase salaries. Teachers have more than five years experience. We'll get a seven percent pay raise everybody else will get a six percent pay raise bilingual teachers get a little bit more money special education, teachers will get a little bit more money. And so there you go. Now this chief equity officer, the board approved the hiring. Stephanie hall is the, the district's first equity officer, it's a new administrative position. And it's an intended to help make schools, more equitable and ensure low income students and students of color, do well academically. Yeah. That should be the focus of every educator in the district. I that's, that's what I don't understand. I thought that would just inherently be there in particular. This includes addressing the gap and test scores between students of color, and they're white and Asian. In peers. Visor difference. Homie will also be tasked with looking at staffing budgeting condemning programs and how the district communicates with individual families. The board says her work will help the district process districts process to close consolidate and change some schools to all part of the redistricting effort drawing, new boundaries, some schools are going to be shut down and consolidate it now, although the board voted unanimously to hire Stephanie Hawley a few board members expressed their concern about how much impact she may have as an equity officer trustee. Yasmine Wagner, says she's worried that without a staff and a budget Holly won't be able to address some of the problems that district wants her to address trustee Jamie Matthias. He said she she will lead this effort, but the board district, they said, they need to step up as well and do their part, Jamie. Matthias says we all acknowledge were still on the hunt for this, but at the same time, let's see how it is together with the help of this person. We might be able to address the persis-. Distant in equities in racism and segregation in our district is racism, really. This is still pervasive. Maybe Mathias has been a board member for many years. Why are these issues? Still a problem, Jamie. Yeah, yeah. Maybe it's on you. Yeah. And as far as this, this equity position here. I mean how effective is this person going to be able to be when a lot of it really to, to really make these changes that they want to make, which I think, might be an impossible task would be going into the home and literally working? I think working with the whole family, you know, working with the parents, working with even just the whole family unit as far as because as we talked about for years, and we don't even say it, it's starts there. It starts there, and it's not the district job, either to get inside your I know. But, but I think she will do she will focus on how the district communicates with all families. Now, I don't know what that means. But there you go. I'm just saying if they really wanted to see a difference. It would take something that extreme sure in some cases, maybe so literally going into the house and seeing what's going on. Yeah. Which is not. Realistic. Unfortunately now the board also voted to update the district's dress code for the first time since two thousand seven the says the goal of the update is to make sure students are not disciplined for clothing choices based on gender gender identity racial identity religion sexual orientation, or body type. You got all those kind of issues floating around your head man. How do you teach reading writing and arithmetic? I don't know. I don't know. We're in re around that starting next school year students will need to make sure that their chests, the stomachs and their bottoms are fully covered. The new rules upon students will allow students to wear hats. Hoodies tank tops, including those thin spaghetti. Straps, clothing cannot have words or images that promote violence, drugs, alcohol hate speech or profanity. Okay. Well, I think we can probably agree on that, not sure what they mean by hate speech, but. I don't think this amounts to much. I don't it seems like they left a lot in. It seems like that. The students are basically in control of this situation because those who are making these decisions are so absolutely terrified clearly of anyone being offended that this this semester. I mean, they're still allowing she said tank tops spaghetti straps. Whatever that is halter halter tops and. I don't how you can wear. I don't know how you could wear a halter is a halter top something shows you midriff. I thought am I right? Elissa melissa. What's what the hell's in halt? You say halter top just means that the straps for the top are behind your neck. That's all right. That's just goes around in a loop kind of like if you away worrying a bathing suit. Yeah. The daughters mad at needing to know what it was. He live in Texas, where a becomes ninety degrees in February. So why can't they wear tank tops? I have no problem with it. Yeah. You have a problem with it. I don't have a problem with a girl wearing a tank top. You know, showing the shoulders of that's, that's fine..

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