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A twist in a sugar gone dipped in carmel john corby yawns 610 wtvn sports store that almost dominated sports news is a john gruden possibly going to the uh o one soon to be loss angeles raiders and um he talked about that today he confirmed the raiders are interested in bringing him back the raiders are looking for a new coach after they fired jack del rio sunday and a group net indicated he is one of the teams candidates uh nationwide think i'm being considered yes i hope i mcgann at it he had told the san jose mercury news when asked about how long it might take for the raiders to make their choice gruden said the process shouldn't take too long um my understanding is they're interviewing candidates this week and they're going to let everybody know sometime early next week whenever they make their decision and of course he coached the raiders from 1998 to two thousand one he was a thirty eight in twenty uh want to uh on goal lead the buccaneers to a super bowl championship in two thousand two beating the raiders in the ah title game and gruden was ninety five in eighty one in tampa hasn't coach since a two thousand innate currently is an analyst on espn's monday night football and i for one don't know exactly what he's thinking um he's making a great monte i'd i'd the number i heard espn is 5 million a year he's got the one of the best announcing jobs he's got uh uh monday night football he's got the quarterbacks camp and all those sorts of things in you know the give back into that mass uh even if they paid him ten million dollars uh i don't i don't see how it's worth it but uh he has spoken about it today and said that he is uh being considered traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the tens powered by tempstar heating and cooling products yana here there's a stake in ownership in.

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