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But I think that, you know, Representative Omar if she manages to keep her seat and go forward will eventually find ways of navigating the the rhetoric that that's necessary to deploy to be effective on this issue. And this is the one place. I'm a big supporter of hers. I I don't want undermine her. But I do think if you're talking about political effectiveness that that there are ways of expressing oneself that that maybe are more likely to result in in in actual chief. I agree with you. I think every indication is that she's obviously incredibly talented and diligent, and she'll you know absorb it. And I think also not only strategically but legitimately. I think she's. Actually, clearly, very empathetic person who's interested and engaged. And I will all say, you know, I didn't think I would contribute money to anybody. Besides Bernie Sanders, and it wasn't much, but it felt very satisfying to to contribute money to her congressional committee. And I hope everybody else will do the same because she needs. I think I mean, this is a a flaring. But I mean ongoingly she's going to need to she's going to need an enormous amount of solidarity and support the fight back against all of just the lies and base bigotry that will be targeted at her. Yeah. Well, the other thing to say, though, is that what she's done is. I think enormously useful. Yes. In the sense that the Nancy Pelosi's think, they're progressive and have never done anything at all. For for the the the oppressed Palestinians who are stateless right and in some instances under siege. In in other instances are actively having their. Property and the right stolen from the abide by armed Israeli squatters on their land and Pelosi won't admit this has never admitted it goes to a pack and talks about how the alliance with Israel is essential to being American which is exactly the kind of thing that L Hano mart was complaining about and the democratic establishment has to come to terms with the reality of the occupation. Which is not going away, which is going to produce more and more crises in my nightmare. Is that some some way somehow the Israeli fire, right? We'll find a way to destroy the dome of the rock and the most up some osc. And and and I have I think they have no idea what that's going to produce in the greater Muslim world because you know, in Iraq the. The Peter Galbraith. So that the most successful act of terrorism in Iraq killed no one which was the the blowing up of the Samara golden dome, which was sacred to Shiites, and they kicked off in two thousand six massive civil war in Iraq and people care about these religious symbols in ways that I think secular pundits don't understand. So there are lots of things about the occupation that could produce further conflict and very dire conflict. But that's the one that's for most in my mind. And so the, you know, the idea that we, you know, Mitt Romney and twenty twelve is asked about the was really then he said we'll just have to kick the can down the road. There's nothing that can be done. And that is extremely dangerous. Professor one Cole. He's the author of Mohammed profit of peace. You gotta read informed comment. If you want to understand what's happening in the broader men region, but also other things like. Sustainable energy. It's an indispensable resource. I learned so much from you professor Cole. Thank you so much for your time. It's been great talking to you, Michael. Thank you. All right, folks. We're gonna take a brief break. And then we're gonna come back with our second guest. The great Meghan day. Jackson magazine. Welcome back to this double header majority report joining us now is Meghan Daesh. She's a staff writer at the Jackman magazine. Her latest pieces are wielding the imperial presidency..

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