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They gotta do a million of these. We're not canceling. I mean maybe after this episode we are but like we anything that's half decent. We gotta just put on the wheel and let it fly. Okay this. We'll be here you still unenthusiastic about my cameo idea. I'm into it because i already heard it is already on. The wheel in my mind was a good idea. We just forgot to put it on the wheel okay. It's a good idea. I would just want him to tweet the last. Get it from the five yard line to the end zone with. Maybe some sort of way to win but i think we have it. I think it's a very good guy. Also the also a pardon my take jake did do basically that but i don't like. I don't think matters. I think that's fine okay because no podcast ever duplicates any ideas. That's what i'm saying. Thanks a lot of our ideas. No other podcasts ever done yes jenny. What were you saying. I do have an idea at a pinch if we need one at your. What do you think about all this <hes> this week in rob akiva history. I think i side with you. I side with you. Say sorry akiva but rob didn't drown earlier to the one that's alive but i will say i look forward to this week in run up when we eventually just have guests on to talk about stuff and then that'll be and it was a bad episode with jordan taylor demolishing keilor's the old time would be very funny. Okay funny all right. If it's open to all robina key the history dating back to two thousand fourteen that makes more sense than a single episode brought some some real reductions that we that we have forgotten yeah okay overlap with the seinfeld idea but i guess they have the other one hundred seventy five episodes right and it's did we save this or not <hes> right right. That's true good point. Good point all right but what is what is what is the. What is the case idea yeah..

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