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The photos part of new details and images emerging in an ongoing mystery. And although Chad and Laurie are still Dylan Hawaii. The honeymoon appears to be over. Now they spend much of their days hiding out in this condo the couple at the center of an investigation that stretches from Hawaii. I'd Aho involving the missing children. To dead former partners a dead brother and accusations of belonging to a doomsday. Group your kids. Aw there they were this past weekend. Still Holding hands as they headed to church and still dodging questions about lorries missing children tailing us where the kids are. The kids haven't been seen since September. Would you tell me what happened the. Jj You know the grandparents are very worried. This is your fulltime job. This this is our full-time job. Absolutely find entirely what I'm looking for is one person call authorities and say you know where they're at that is my single daily prayer Cain leary woodcock are the grandparents of. Jj Lorries adopted son. They've been at the forefront of the desperate search for both JJ entirely while pleading with Lori to come forward. We want lower to please cooperating with the police. This all began in November when K and Larry requested a welfare check on JJ after being unable to reach him since August authorities. He's went lorries. Idaho home didn't find. Jj and then realize tyler was also missing Jason Lewry would vanish the next day. Two months later they surface back where they shared their nuptials. East Idaho News captured. The couple at this resort after police confiscated their car. Can you tell me where your kids are. Where are your kids? I can't say exactly when Chad came into the picture because I really don't know I knew. Low was reading books books about about the end of the world. But I mean I and I knew she was in a group. D Bell worked in Book Publishing and wasn't author some of his books like the Times Times of turmoil series focused on the end of the World K.. And leery woodcock describe Lurie as an energetic good mom until something changed and did you love Laurie all around there. She is very energetic. But now I think it's all a facade in late January. Police Serve Laurie with a court order. Demanding she present. Jj entirely in Idaho within five days. The woodcock were there waiting and hoping I'm so ed so afraid I'll take on a lot more afraid Bilo shot but lowering. The children never showed them not being arrested. Would I think the court order was was to kind of put the ball in their court in the hope that they acted however if they start that process they get a defense attorney lawyer. They won't speak and that might inhibit their investigation rather than help. Despite no arrests a deeper glimpse of the carefully guarded Investigation Gatien is emerging burst. A haunting text sent from. Thailand's phone a month. After she banish a friend of Kylie's saying she texted the teams phone in October and received this message back. Hi Miss You guys to love you. Is this really her someone pretending to be her. I think that's the question that we all want to know. But especially the authorities authorities and authorities have also executed a search warrant at JJ's one time school Lawrence Institute for Education and Gilbert Pediatrics. In Arizona the search burn for JJ school references conspiracy to commit homicide when they say that they have probable cause the conspiracy to commit homicide that raises a lot of question. Laurie withdrew JJ from the school in September of last year after her estranged husband. Charles Bello was shot dead by lauries own brother in July one order down apparent gunshot wounds just this body Cam footage capturing the aftermath of the shooting whoever's Lori walking into frame along view lived here three weeks oh Jews after the shooting school officials said in an e mail to ABC News that. Lorie told them Charles had committed suicide. She's blown up her world. Her kids world our world. The path of destruction stroke is wide. No I D I think. Best case scenario while we have not seen any charges against these. They're trying to build the case. But I think at the forefront of this is trying to find the children I implore Chad and I implore Lori. Let's get this over with one way or the other. Let's get it over with and just do the right thing as it stands from. Am I too hope to Hawaii. The waiting game continues.

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