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Minimum purchase required see the site for complete details love of country becomes outlawed in this country when well well who does let them drivers often sees things for mark levin show the core the fees charged six i am a posting something right now so you know i try to pull it up and read it to posting it on my social sites so in addition of you my magnificent radio audience millions of others can read it and it's this today seven republican senators voted against repealing obamacare six of whom voted for repeal two years ago today is the day government run universal health care was born it's just a matter of time and you can thank republicans in the senate house and white house here comes rationing long waiting periods and massive red tape the republicans lied their way into office and what is the greatest hoax and modern politics i sincerely believe it what an we want to another subject we can still talk about this obviously north korea every time you hear the word russia the words north korea should replace russia that's how much attention we should be playing than paying to north korea now russia's our enemy don't get me wrong absolutely putin is our enemy i'm no code pink republican leave it for the others leave it for the bernie sanders republicans and the george mcgovern republicans count me out but north korea cnn us believes that north korea will be able to launch a reliable nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile icbm by early 2018 a us official familiar with the latest intelligence assessment confirmed that would be an acceleration of two years from previous estimates the puts north korea three to five years from fully developing longrange missile capability the official clarified to cnn that while north korea concurrently get a missile off the ground there's still a lot of undetermined variables about guidance reentry and the ability to hit a specific target well that's only mattered time totally manner time now i gave the.

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