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He's now saying about birthright and just like goes on, you know, it just goes on by the way, you don't have a crush on. I'm curious to see what you're saying. Is this guy? Oh my gosh. Eight. Oh, yeah. Everyone has a crush on. My goodness. It's supposedly been Tony crush autumn and keeps pointing on his tablet and staring. This guy. I think by the way, you want to tell me, I think he could be president even if he loses this election, and I think we should just just vote him coolest dude chief out here. And you really cool even the way he sweats is kind of dreaming. He he just. Literally sweats like crazy. I got. Yeah. Is getting weird. Isn't it is this getting weird? So we're going to pull out pull out. Okay. Fado Scott get you a beta T shirts record. I am to this guy. I'm seriously thinking. Scene. Okay. It's a great Dane, I may love story that we're going to move on. It imagine. Yes, he hit kids a fiesta. He drives around and he tries a similar like it's like a Corolla. It's in that jar of cars. So you know, what? I mean, you don't like mine, but you like betas just because he's Bego. Also, it was named beta them on the debate stage. It's like I look at him like I'm so hot. And then I look at cruise. I'm like, I'm not I mean, it's like it's literally like the. Of all sides to it. I was I told you I was in Washington, and there was an a dinner party. And everyone's like, the only thing people can agree on is. We all hate Ted Cruz. It was really he's probably gonna win. That's what they say. That's what the polls more Ted Cruz. What can we what can we do know? Well, this is our cross to bear. Anyway, scott. Did we miss anything? I think we're fine. You me you Lon. Zach Braff in south about it. Think about it fatal. It literally sounds like a bad bad gay sitcom. All right, Scott. Thanks. I'm looking forward to talking next week, by the way, if you have questions for us or stuff you'd like to hear because cover on the podcast shoot us an Email at pivot at vox media dot com or shows produced, but Rebecca synonymous Nishad Kirwa is vox media's executive producer of audio. Thanks also to Eric Johnson. And thanks for listening to pivot from vox media joins us next week for more breakdowns on all things attack and business. And if you like what you heard please subscribe on apple podcasts ever. You're listening. I'm Scott Galloway. I've started nine companies eight of a nine have used QuickBooks wine QuickBooks. Frees us up to focus on the key levers of driving value while giving us visibility key finances and operations of the company QuickBooks has your back. Learn more at QuickBooks dot into dot com.

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