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You know might about what age will we on the floor you're gonna get it so anton the celtics winning in anti makes it three in his doing this crazy wig on in stackhouse was really mad about it so somebody shooting free throws in stackhouse just walks over to anton anton all happy and his he walks over his whisper something there and anton was like a five year old kid in just didn't make another move for the rest of the game and they just want a lot i don't know what he said to him but he is like probably said if you know when we're thing i'm beating the shit and who after the toga la memo's the ball he was talking to the end the door to take before he was one of the first thing he would say they'll k that was that era where you you came on the league in the eighties and that there was people in the business a little bit of different way and then around the mid nineties guys started really acting out in the court and i don't know it's an a you you combined with the flagrant fouls did feel did they turn should he's much control freak he was just like you think that went too far oh you went to four with the amine okay now the new rule two years ago you couldn't show overfishing every place show of fisher now don't call no tech nothing this they thought the book out the window they say athlete commission is right they'll find things okay maybe we won't do so it's crazy now weren't take one last break talk about peter malar excited for this comfort fit quality style peter millar setting the standard menswear they're all about quality value and style you know what tonight at dinner i'm gonna be wearing a peter malar performance polo it's the most comfortable and stylish clothing i've ever worn their polo shirts are so easy to take care of you can wear them straight out of the dryer no iron needed a hate ironing peter myers perfect for any occasion bakke shin dates were events even working out there.

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