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At Yale University is the author previously of slaves in the family and now the most recent book the inventor and the tycoon a non fiction book about two fascinating man Edward Muybridge and the tycoon Leland Stanford who as you mention was the former governor of California a fabulously wealthy man who you mentioned in the book was only happy when he was acquiring things and he's acquired this friend Edward Muybridge the inventor photographer and now we know acquitted murderer but he really did murder his wife but the court decided effectively you murdered her for a good reason because she turned you into a cockle you know what he did not murder his wife he murdered his wife's going I'm sorry his wife's boyfriend I I stand has been correctly he where he murders the boyfriend does not murder the wife but does he go back to his wife after this acquittal at trial yeah he doesn't know his wife is Carl fines and won't have him and he doesn't want her and within six months he contracts influenza and dies age twenty three in San Francisco and so is this episode closes like a book behind my bridge who is able to go on with his life it goes back to work for the railroads Robert Barron Leland Stanford who has a house of fifty thousand square foot house on knob hill in San Francisco and in the state south of the city which is the present location of Stanford University but Sir when he lived there it was his horse farm and and the standard says would come to do more with this business of photographing these animals there's not quite enough so my bridge invents a projection device it's possibly the first chapter of moving pictures created and he calls it pronounceable name it something something nearly as unpronounceable as his own maybe call today's suprax of scope and this device it loads so revealed a disks with his photographs of horses on to this device the desk and curls protecting life behind we have moving pictures on the screen for the first time Mrs many years for Edison eighteen years before Edison Thomas Edison act creates what he called the conetta scope which is typically what we think of as the beginning and the mileage project as divine has invented this creation nobody's ever seen it before Stanford's decides he's going to throw a party he the office is effectively become his house entertainer to all of his friends and so on the nineteen January eighteen eighty at Stanford man and on a night in January eighteen eighty Stanford's in his mansion on knob hill invites the senators of from California the governor of New York a number of silver a typhoons who've made fortunes in the Nevada still reminds these are all is is cohorts and is here is the only of the west coast in the eighteen eighties and my bridge that sub his apparatus in the tremendously over decorated parlor that they call the Pompeii and room and he projects the images of horses in motion and this could be calls the first day I think of the moving picture business which later turned into Hollywood which later turned into television men's legislator turns into our own obsession with moving pictures on screens we carry around with us and this takes place in the place and time it's really quite remote to our own you know everyone is still relying on horses in on firewood there's no such thing as the electrification of houses and so on and this is the the climax of the friendship and the partnership between these two unmatched which becomes nationally famous and so it begins to tour the country with his device photographs people running photographs animals running towards the country showing off this new imagery Stanford it becomes jealous of his Chicago former collaborator and decides he's going to undercut him so in the eighteen eighty two I think our eighty three Stanford publishing the book which contains all of my bridges photographs but he doesn't put mortgages name on it he puts his own name on it and and the mileage is appalled by this betrayal and filed a lawsuit against his former friend and their friendship and comes to a net now let me ask you I'm talkin Edward ball and I want to remind you the book is called the inventor in the tycoon and you're a wonderful storyteller but look let me ask you this is this out of character for Stanford to to be so bothered by the fact that this man who's you know nothing financially compared to Leland Stanford Stanford has all these you know ranches in the houses and all this a claim and and notoriety and a and a huge bank account but he's he's jealous of a man who could make moving pictures in front of audiences it but is that is that in his character to have reacted this way to this outrage that this guy is getting more attention than he does yes yes well he was a vain person he was obsessed with money and he was obsessed with the renowned that he had earned by building the rail roads that connect it the west to the east he was treated by the press for a long time as a kind of a prince on a on a savior prince who brought California in to the union by finishing the central Pacific railroad and he loves this kind of a claim so I wish there was this appetite in the end and eighty he didn't like someone else sharing the attention he is he caught so my rigid loses this friendship but he continues with his career and he works in Philadelphia photographing people in all variety of movements and athletic contests and in households chores to be making these and many dramas out of his movies and he continues his lecture doors and Stanford also carries on his life in in California a tragic thing happens to Mitch Stanford he has one son they learn stand for junior and use the sun contract a fever comes down with a fever and dies at age fifteen and temperate in his wife came are understated and they they begin to act actually your delay themselves they they conduct seances to try to retrieve the the soul of their their dead son and finally they they decide that they will memorialize their loss boy by creating a a school in his name until the end down this new college Stanford University which is called Leland Stanford junior university named after this dead boy and they turn over their states and make it into an educational institution the birth of his greatest legacy this this this institute the March continues his life and he's but he's not able to bring his invention to an industrial scale we're going to make this story up in just a moment Mr ball again I hate to interrupt Edward ball is with me a teacher it's a Yale University and the author most recently of the inventor and the tycoon Edward Muybridge and Leland Stanford and we'll be back with Edward ball in just a moment you're listening.

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