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If the premise as just grind this team between the tackles 'cause we're up six in the fourth quarter order. I don't think alvin kamara is built to do that. Necessarily so i do have some concerns and i don't think they win the division. I don't think they make the playoffs as a matter. You've got some heat. I listen and this is the time for a hot. Take someone's gonna remember me. I'm writing them down in penn next the n._f._c. east dallas cowboys. Go okay do they this. Oh so the n._f._c. east. I have three offensive linemen in this really okay so with dallas. I went with zack martin. I'm going to allow it most human beings as i always say cannot identify correctly who's a good offensive lineman versus a mediocre one. I find it generally pretentious. I'll allow the entire offensive line and if you wanna throw that okay yeah i think that we talked about earlier the absence of zeke elliot and that sort of thing and debating who's who matters in an offense. I think pretty clearly we saw how much they struggled with tyron. Smith wasn't in there and shout out though to <hes> to tank lawrence the most <hes> sort of anonymous superstar in the n._f._l. The skins and with another offensive lineman here's why that saw jenga concept to me what you're looking at is not only who's good but how deep is the group yeah right. I think this skins offensive line is the equivalent of like a jenga level that has one bar just perilously holding up the entire so the east coast version of the houston texans exactly if you take out one of those offensive lineman amen it's over so i just did <hes> brandon scherf character. Um the philadelphia eagles another offensive lineman real yeah okay which now maybe you should've been makes perfect saints. Although fletcher cox is a is a good answer as well. We'll see they've got death there now right with with andrei dillard and but i kind of looked at the depth chart and i thought if you took jason kelsey they would struggle but cox is probably better answer belt. That's a that's a good good one there. Who do we have left in the division. The giants okay so another bad team situation. I mean the defense will really also your this is gonna hurt. Eddie spaghetti's gattis feelings. He's sitting right there spaghetti. Do you want to weigh in on one. I have a giants. I'll give a genetic jenkins because the cornerbacks are very very a young outside of him and <hes> inexperience guys like sam bill and and they distract the baker and balancing but <hes> another thing of zero pat whoever their best pass rushers it's marcus golden and there's no pass rush than the the defensive backs or even worse that evans a big question mark so the defense is just a traveling..

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