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Now into Mike Zimmer and John D Filipo lesson. Full disclosure. I've said many times I've known for a while. Really haven't talked to him that much the season. But I consider him a friend I root for them. So I'm not being biased here if I thought he sucked. I would admit it just happens. You know, most of my friends in the league coach read, Matt Nagy beach, Howie Roseman. They're all good. I don't know many crappy people at their job in the NFL. So I got a pretty good idea. What's good, and what's bad? And I think Johnny football's a good coach, I often think Mike Zimmer is an excellent coach. But I will say this Mike Zimmer somewhat of a dinosaur. His style is archaic. It's not dying. It's dead. Like, Mike you're somewhat living in the nineties. I still believe defenses important look at the game tonight. The chiefs blew it because I couldn't cover MIR you, but you win in this league. By throwing the rock. You have to star receivers you paid eighty four million dollars for. Cousins John D Filipo who it felt like you kept calling out in the media. Like, hey, bro. This isn't nineteen eighty-seven. I get your an old school tough guy. And I liked that. I have a lot of respect for those type guys I've grown up around those guys. My dad was that type guy most all his friends were those type gas. He grew up in a generation of that type guys. I feel like I've grown up around a million Mike Zimmer, but their style has worked the majority of my lifetime these last like five years, especially these last couple years with the changing rules, no longer work like, Mike. They get paid to throw the ball. You're running game. First off latavius Murray is a terrible short yardage runner. He's six foot three I've interviewed him before. When he was with the Oakland Raiders, I stood right next to these massive. He runs upright. He's really easy to tackle dalvin cook has been consistently hurdle. You so I saw you try to force runs in that game. Because John D. Lipa wanted acquiesce to your thoughts. And you were getting stuffed you paid your quarterback thirty million dollars a year to win games by throwing the football. You have to star wide receivers feeling and digs or both what top twelve guys in the league. Feelings had a top five season. Digs is a top ten guys. Like you paid. He's got to win the game with his arm. And when the game was on the line three nothing in that Monday night game. And I talked about this on Monday Kirk causes didn't get the job done. So you can blame it all you want on the offense coordinator, we're gotta run the ball or more balance, which I get and I'm not anti running the ball. But I'm sorry, Mike like that mindset because I'll tell you this in that game the night, we watched there's no chance on God's green earth. Mike Zimmer would've thrown up two fingers zero. Whether it's quarterback Philip rivers Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana or Blaine gabbert he's kicking the field goal. Every stinking time. Why? Because he has the dinosaur old school mentality. And that was the right mentality in the eighties. With Parcells Ditka, buddy. Ryan the Mike Zimmer's I get it. Those aren't the times anymore. You throw the ball. I don't care who your offensive linemen. Are. I got news for you. Most centers guards in this league stink. They stink. But you win by throwing the balls Zimmer. Can puff this chest out? All you want. Like we need to throw the ball. I I lost respect for Mike Zimmer through his offense coordinator under the bus three basically three times in a month. Like, hey, bro. How about keep it in house? We get you don't like the guy for whatever reason. And again, I swear on my life. I haven't been told this. This is all my opinion. I don't I wouldn't even ask John football on this in first off. He's too high character Kaik character to even speak down upon this guy. But Mike Zimmer isn't because he kept crushing him publicly. It's low level stuff..

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