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Football with trump ten jere dunno june twentyseventh at calvary church of southampton brought to you by bush auto group tickets are on sale now at twelve ten wpa t dot com slash speakers series thinking about buying a new vehicle this summer visit bush auto group dotcom with over one thousand vehicles to choose from savings that'll make your wallet happy and customer service to rival the competition you always do better at bush j paul what's your favorite food gates at your favorite color pizzas color philadelphia's first citywide pizza fast with over thirty culinary experts like savino pizzeria victory and spun dino pizza dough via pizza festival july fourteenth at the navy yard for tickets visit pizza dough via fest dot com sponsored by norton preferred kitchen equipment rosetto bassani and shinto fine foods filled up your soul arena football game wells fargo center including two very special ones at halftime as we hear from andrew kramer so majority owner raja war ski running alongside them few children with autism suited up darted across the field in front of thousands of screaming fans and punch the football into the end zone dry in baghlan was one of them so is his dad paul when amazing opportunity this is hoping that brings a lot more attention to autism this was made possible by audible for autism is an organization which provides children with autism with a memorable day they will never forget most skilling's is.

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