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Now back to the drive was near Jackson. Wow. Was this is a prize Brent Musburger is now doing the raiders. That's very cool. I love bread. It's been around forever. Sherry I he has to say. I'm Brent Musburger. Very cool. All right. Our good friend, Hank Stover, the Washington Post. Tv critic joining us again with a fall TV preview. Hi, hank. Hey, that was a great impression. I who else. Can you do? I can do me. That's about it. That's pretty good way to me. Very good either. But you know, whatever. Does anymore. I mean, you know, we're all just. Trying to capture our former glory. Yeah. Well, let's go. All television. Here comes. All I can say about this season's all says is most of them. The really good ones are also the really sad one. Really? Well, it's a sad time reliving. Well, you know, it seems about right? You know, people hate that though. I mean, I get I get people complaining to me all the time when I get home. I want to watch something that takes my mind and everything I don't wanna watch anything sad or hard or difficult. This is not your season. Then. Okay. Yeah. Because I cry I cry when I watch Andy Griffith. So I suppose stuff I'm not gonna watch. But you know, the thing that drives me nuts Hanky is these days. There's just too many shows. There's too much to watch. I can't even you know, so hard to figure out what to watch I dealt with about sixty of them. News shows sort of the premier between now and sort of Christmas time and a lot of them. I can decide they they're not very good in about ten minutes. Twenty minutes. Absorbed in now. Shows. I like lately, I really like kidding. Have you seen the new Jim Carrey show? No. And I'm I need to do that. Yeah. Because I like it looks like people used to make jokes about mister Rogers like was he like secretly at creeper like had some sort of another life wasn't. He was showing on PBS. That's always sort of transfixed people that Mr. Rogers was something other than just pure genuine goodness. And then this movie comes out this summer about mister Rogers, and it really kind of seals the deal. Like, basically, a pop culture Saint at this point. And then comes Jim Carey shout. And you're like, hey, you're not gonna make fun of mister Rogers are you because we're going to have a fight. But it's actually really good. It's it it is again heartbreakingly sad. He plays a children's TV host who is universally beloved just like Mr. Rogers was and the thing in the show is that he's divorced. His wife has kicked him out a year earlier, they lost a teenage son in a. Car wreck. Depressio? But also, very funny. So, you know, take the good with the bad. Well, it's got be funny. There's got to be humorous get Jim Carey in there. What is nine? Better than he's been in anything in a long time. So that's good. What's nine one one? You've never seen nine. One one is is on FOX. Ryan Murphy show. Member emergency. Adam twelve or all those sort of like, you know, public servants first responders says put those on like every kind of steroid there is and and. Turn up the volume way past eleven and that's nine one one. It's about a bunch of firefighters and emergency responders, and they kind of how you can't imagine last season. One of them got a spear through his head. One of the things we're like, MRs the crucial parts of the brain. You know, this time they come back. The big earthquake in L A, the big one. There are non crucial parts of the brain. Yeah. I mean. There was just one the other day some kids fell on a meat skewer. He fell out of the tree and landed on the whole thing with his head. And he's fine. Wow. And that's a true story. Totally just like five minutes of nine one one speaking, wait a minute. Speaking of the the show emergency wasn't that with Randy man tooth? Yeah. Love that name. From henceforth. I just wanna be noted Hank command. That was a bad show, man. He was never heard from Randi man tooth again. Our I think we did didn't they sing or getting them confused with David soul or somebody? I don't know. It is. Grant, good eve that was another one great good eve. Okay. Forty eight hours on CBS shaver. Forty eight hours. You mean the thing on Saturday night when they do the true crimes. Yeah. I'm looking at you your article returning says this is. You're a long time you need to add click on my top ten shows to watch this fall. Okay. Bring you back. I'm gonna bring you back into my world. We also have a list on Washington Post dot com at every single returning. So it's Steve was reading from taking six hours. Mike, Mike, just put it up whatever he puts up I read. So now, he's going. Okay. Here's some more. Here's some more. Interesting says have you been paying attention to crazy, Tom Arnold and his hunt for the Trump tapes. He has a show I read something about that. Yeah. You know, he's he's he's Cray. You know, he's he's he's his heart is the right place. And he's like a citizen journalist, you know, he's looking for all these recorded instances of Trump, you know, being racist or being misogynist, or whatever. And you know, of course, the holy grail. There these so-called, you know, pe- tapes. He's obsessed. It's an interesting show. It's kind of like, it's a reality show. But it's you know, him kind of hamming it up and also sort of feeling his way around, you know, in a way that a lot of investigative reporters would be doing the same work. You know, what the network is that on? Riceland advice? On cable if you've got a fairly basic cable subscription. I'll bet you have ice land. I have a really expensive full goose bozo cable system. So you and me we're going to be the last two. Every month. I get the Bill and I go, wait a minute. The suckers who like pay the equivalent of a five-star meal. Yeah. Exactly. With a nice bottle of wine. Sorry for your loss is a show on all places. Facebook Facebook is doing TV says now, which I find kind of hilarious. Amass. They got this really good TV show starring Elizabeth Olsen who is slightly younger sister of the Olsen twins. The talented wa. The talent. Thank you. Got. It not me. She's good. Seep plays. A young widow in this very sad. Again, very sad. Ten episode drama about just of women sort of working our way through like actual Lakeview. They could really feels authentic grief. So if you're looking for a show to app, that's not it one funny one I like camping which is coming up on HBO in October. And it starts Jennifer garner. As a very, hyper controlling, passive, aggressive woman who arranges a camping trip with all her friends, and that's a series. Yeah. Lena Dunham and Jenny. Wrote it there from girls, and I it was a British series. They've adapted it and David Tennant plays. Jennifer, Garner's husband. Juliette Lewis is in it. And she's like completely like. Juliette lewis. That's what you wrote Juliette Lewis in full Juliette Lewis mode when she was she's at full Juliet mode. I you can't take your eyes offer. Exactly. And she gets the whole group this port. Jennifer garner plays. This woman who has the whole weekend planned out and Julia Louis places free-spirited comes in Mike messes up all the place, I found it really kind of delightful and funny and. Painfully awkward in all that all that other stuff. We went are comedies to be these days, and that's HBO. HBO? Amazon has Matthew wieners new show. You know, the madman guy. Yeah. It's called the Romanovs. All anybody has seen including yours. Truly are just, you know, the promo with the music like we haven't seen an episode yet. However, I go ahead and recommended as one of my top ten because everybody's gonna watch it just to see if it's any good because it's you know, his first thing since madman kept his title, Nathan Bennett. It's got like all kinds of people in it. It's about people who believe themselves to be Romanov's descendants of the last Sar. Current times though. Am I doing anything for you? Not really. What about Murphy Brown? Murphy Brown coming back. Yeah. No, thanks. I. As far as reboots go. I think in Murphy Brown deserves one Candice Bergen amazing, and I don't know. Are there any former hundred? Just like she comes back to TV is Scott like kind of a morning Joe type show because she is, you know, a little bit unease in the current political climate and her son remember the baby that she had Dan Quayle said all that stuff about single moms, and it was a big controversy. He's all grown up. They've got a guy playing him and the son works for a competing network called the wolf news network. So you can figure it out from them. Okay. Wow. So there's a lot of stuff happening. Again. A lot is I was looking at the other page. There's a lot of stuff coming back. Oh, yeah. The is back. Do you watch? I can't remember you didn't really go for the deuce last time. He hit Ranko and the seventies and porn. I gotta watch that. I can't remember if I saw any of it. But I like everyone that's in there. You know, you might be able to just start with season two. I mean, I thought they were really good things about season. When I'd be interested to see what would happen. If somebody's just started with season dudes, just pretended. They watched season one. But which I think a lot of people do that, by the way. I like the show a lot. I broadly. They're sort of doing sort of the history of pornography in America. The women characters are so much more interesting. You know, it's full of mobsters and pimps and James Branko. Every time the women are on the screen. I think it's a much better show. All right. Pointed out to me that that's how most people feel about porn. And I'm like, oh, yeah. That was a good thing. Dr hall of Famer the great Hank Stewart or Washington Post. Tv critic, always a pleasure. My friend. Live here you live in DC. I assume in DC we're coming their first week of October. And we're meeting up with a bunch of folks, we gotta hook up with you. Yes. The first. Okay. Michael let you know the details. All right. All right. Hey, thanks so much. All right, buddy. Harry dukes here with a bunch of folks. We're gonna talk theater Pete combs will join us from ABC news live from South Carolina. It's getting dicey. It's been dicey that he'll tell us everything that's going on. When we come back on the drive news, talk radio more county, one zero three five South County ninety four five k s r. The mayor of Lawrence Massachusetts, Dan Rivera's. Dozens of homes are burning in his town Andover and north Andover where all emergency staff. Police fire emergency response. They're all on the scene doing the best. They can it's multiple fires multiple situations. ABC's John atwater outside one of the homes that exploded house just right off. Its foundation absolute devastation when this explosion took place here. And as we drive through these neighborhoods, you just see people out on the roadway because they don't want to be in their house. They don't know what could happen next. Obviously, the mayor has told people get out of your house, if you if you smell any gas Columbia gas is telling residents as well avoid doing anything that might cause a spark things like opening a window or closing it or something which might seem as benign in any other cases using a cell phone. Daria albinger. ABC news. I'm Tom Busby. CNBC WalMart making another run at Amazon upcoming holiday season. It owns jet dot com, which is now going after young City-based shoppers, it'll begin selling Nike sneakers clothing and other Garin it's its site starting in October on Wall Street today. Stocks shot higher. Thanks to word that the US and China will resume trade talks. And with shares of apple rising higher a day after it unveiled its new iphone lineup. The Dow today up one hundred forty seven points, the NASDAQ up fifty nine later next from Sears though, and it was another dismal quarter sales in the second quarter fell nearly four percent which was better than expected. Revenues though tumbling twenty six percent knits exploring whether close more stores and sell its Kenmore appliance brand consumer prices rose in August for the fifth month straight mostly because gasoline, and rents cost more and United Airlines is going green at wants to slash greenhouse gas emissions in half over the next thirty years..

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