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In lost dot org there's an end not an am sign but so am I SS I NG M. L. O. S. T. for their website and attend the events which is coming up on September twenty eighth at the station seven hundred south Broadway in more from one until three thank you for joining us for local perspectives in public service presentation of I heart media check it out the movies this weekend here's your box office preview the famed card to explore hits the big screen in Dora in the lost city of gold a live action continuation of the animated TV series as story enters high school her parents go missing so she and a group of new friends take off to try and find them and learn more about the legendary lost city of gold in the process this kids adventure stars Isabella mon Air you Haney odor Baz Michael Pena eva Longoria and Danny Trejo it's a comic book adaptation of a different stripe with the kitchen based on the vertigo series of the same name set in the hell's kitchen neighborhood of New York in nineteen seventy eight Melissa McCarthy Tiffany had issue Elizabeth moss stars three women whose husbands are in jail for their mob activities with nothing to lose they take over from there man and keep things rolling James badge Dale Brian d'arcy James and Margo Martindale also star in this crime thriller based on the two thousand eight novel of the same name as the comic drama the art of racing in the rain narrated by and so the dog is an inspiring race car driver the film follows the lives of the dogs human and his wife and family along with his racing career and how and so was always there for his owner my love into Malia Amanda Seyfried Kathy Baker Jerry Cole in the voice of Kevin Costner all features still in theaters are Hobbes and shot the lion king once upon a time in Hollywood spider man far from home and Toy Story four badger weekend box office preview on I heart radio this is local perspectives a public service presentation of I heart media Oklahoma City it's a program where we delve into the issues affecting the Oklahoma City metropolitan area I'm your host Lee Mathews one of those issues has been the development of a maps for projects to benefit the infrastructure and overall well being of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area as we explore options we've been trying to feature on this program the various wish lists of the various programs that need attention Mike Dover is with the maps three advisory board and he sat down with Quinn Faulconer liberty to talk about it and.

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