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Advertised rates available through the pen Fed car buying service to receive any advertised product. You must become a member of pen fit entered by N. C. O a New Jersey Fast traffic. Right. It looks like the delays. We handle the Garden State Parkway in the north. Downside Coming up to 101 02 all cleared out now, with a couple of accidents cleared out of the way. Santa and local aims a crash over by 1 16 that's still occupying the left lane and further up the line on the parkway north into 1 44 all jammed up two lanes to the right. Are still closed both Spurs of the term bike's slow traffic coming down to the car and the truck lanes. Activity seven south of slowing at age five down to three. Then onto 4 40 rather slow coming in tours. Woodbridge gravity route 5 14. That's where crash has been cleared. Red ones were Edison. Lots of delays to watch for as well and both were nine in route 70 and liquid on the credit side. NJ Transit still with delays of up to one hour On the Morris Essex, Gladstone, Montclair Boonton Lines after some overhead wire problems. Tom Rivers, New Jersey traffic North Jill Myron, New Jersey Traffic South. We have that emergency roadwork happening at 1 30. That's on the North found site around Penn socking at Union Avenue. Just keep that in mind and traffic will be tough for you at 73 South, um, taking it from Maple Shade route 38 through to Mt. Laurel. I expect some delays of Route one Coton crawling from 2 95 down toward speakers Base in in Lawrence Township in Franklin Corner Road, New Jersey, Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 4 18 90, Jersey one a 1.5, New Jersey traffic brought to you by Honda of Princeton Honda of Princeton's new concierge service matches you with your perfect new used or certified pre owned vehicle. And delivers it to your home. Call 609 71 Honda or visit Princeton honda dot com today working tonight Take Steve Travel Lease with you. The soundtrack of Second.

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