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An emmy rasim both get married to each other model miranda curved now shoes victoria's secret yes yes moslem ran occur married the snapchat billionaire evan spiegel okay gosh imagine that the ceremony in less than ten sec oh that's body that's foty i liked it oh the couple announced their engagement after a year of dating last july they did it on snapchat they really did nets no joke and she was married before the was married to before miranda curry was married to orlando bloom and she has a son by orlando bloom that's not it though emmy rossum also tied the knot she married mr robot creator sham ishmail choosing shameless semi russia yes james the got engaged in twenty fifteen and now they're tying the knot and they met i think he directed to her israel directed his new bride in the twenty fourteen of film comet and rostrum told people in twenty two of team that her engagement ring came with some history i don't know the story behind it but it's from nineteen twenty and parrish so i liked that i've inherited someone story and i hope that's a good one she said now whatever good luck kids good luck rich celebrities rich beautiful celebrities i know you're saying hey that's a lot of matrimony i mean to important people broke up in two other couples continued you've got to be completely through nope here's the last one and you're going to know this person adriana lima are you kidding me she adriaan a lima what yeah she's been single ever since she split with her husband or five years she was going out with dumb it's marco jericho's how he says no idea cheers claiming she has a ring and she's claiming that she is recommitting herself to herself well hey guttler this for i am committed to myself and my own happiness i am married with me she says for her young ladies love yourself and if you don't know adrenaline is she is the brazilian bombshell and she was a married to the the basketball player serbian basketball player in o9 they have a couple of daughters but now they're divorced and now she's married to her shelf we should put some pictures adrian liam up on the website tonight maybe no no takers that cares.

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