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Yeah and that's that's the key is i i wouldn't be expected to necessarily uh tell a make good movie about an atheist hero if i don't really identify with it her care about it very much um so yeah we're gonna make this authentic but again i think that you'll find any one who chooses to watch my films over the years or just to get you can just try out this pilot episode it takes twenty minutes at a 20minute christmas special you can watch it for free it's on facebook it's on the website university injured dot com slash the chosen did angel dot com slash the joe's and you can watch it an hd right there can find that easily on facebook just push play it's twenty minutes long and if you think it's cheesy and dorky than again fine but i uh i don't think it is i think that people people have been saying over and over is that it fuels authentic and real and raw it's not the pretty sanitized version of the nativity it's not the pretty sanitized version of jesus some people have commented what are they feel like they can they can smell it they can they can feel the dust as as as they're experiencing at number it must have been like in that time so that's the key we're just trying to be authentic and accurately capture the story well um one of unique things about your partnership of vedeno joe is the fact that people can become angel investors what you tell us about that what makes it different from other crowdfunding type of sources jassem who try to do this as briefly as possible because i know we just got a minute here but i wanna this is this is the important part so here's the thing that you'll appreciate to all the guys who own video angel like you at like me are libertarian film unsold now.

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