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For low sin contra and cubs beat Milwaukee had us on six. Seventy the score contrary. Hit it off Burch Smith ending marathon. That's fifteen pitchers in a record-tying ten double plays at two on victory. It also saw Tyler chant would throw four hit listening Z gets the win. The brewers got only four hits the cubs left fourteen stranded. Contrast now with ten homers matching last year's total. And it's the first time the cubs hit three walk off homers in a five-game span they regained first place by a game over the brewers and increase their lead to two and a half over the cardinals who dropped it to to the pirates White Sox beat the J seven to von Nova made it two straight. Impressive starts this time. He went six allowing run on five hits James McCann with two doubles along four hits. And you'll never Sanchez hit his first home of the season twins Tigers eight three after losing the opener five three. Remember Edwin Jackson played. For the cubs and SOX eleven other teams. He could tie major league record. If the Blue Jays throw him after they acquired him from the as before teams, Tai Lue turned down the Lakers, and they interviewed three others. But in the end hired Frank Vogel, their head coach, the former magic and patients bench boss takes over in LA. We're one of his assistants will be former bucks coach, Jason Kidd, two teams who haven't won the Stanley Cup playing in the west finals and San Jose prevailed in game one beating the blues. Six three the fire shut out Minnesota to nothing on your home of the bears. George off NewsRadio seven eighty five point nine FM. Traffic and weather together coming up next WBZ news time, five forty. Right now at Napa grab a jug of mobile one full synthetic motor oil for just twenty eight and ninety nine keeps out harmful sludge to help reduce wear on your engine, which is important.

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