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The universe then continue to grow and be a business? Well, it's very difficult to make enough content that you can stay ahead of a community. They can choose your content. It's an astronomical rate. And one thing I learned with the APB project is we created a character customization engine where you can go create your own characters, you could address your own characters. You could become make your own fast in line essentially within the game. You create tattoos, et cetera. I was so excited every morning to get up and look at YouTube and see what people had created. And the bottom line is they created better things than they developers. They had put more time into it. It blew me away in APB. At the launch, you know, well over 80% of the time where people creating their own characters. They're investing in building something. They wanted to be part of this community when you invest the time and hours to create a fantastic character to love. You're going to stick with that game for a longer period of time as well. So I actually fully believe in the creators, I believe creators are successful. They're phenomenal creators worldwide. They don't all get the same opportunities that you can in countries that make video games. There's people sitting out there in countries. They just have no opportunity to be in that we get video game industry. What I'm trying to do is provide professional quality assets to let those people have an opportunity to make content. If they entertain our community, then we will compensate them. What's really exciting about our communities. We find games that have millions of players. We feel that we can make games again that attract meal in some players. So if they have their own heroes, they're going to be those millions of players are going to be looking for places to drop in their heroes. So that kind of sells the user acquisition problem. You know, there's like 4000 games a month on steam. How does a small developer get noticed? But in our particular case, if you're a small developer, you develop for the universe, we have a hungry army of people that have these materials, these NFTs, they've invested personal time in and money in. And they're looking for places to drop those here as in and be entertained. Definitely. And I think that's the most unique piece of this. It's like, having this asset that you can grow with and go and play multiple games over time and have completely different experiences. I think that is extremely unique. Something that another question that comes to mind now is, as you look at the road map of this, is this going to initially drop on computers? Is it going to be on virtual reality? Is it going to be for mobile devices? Talk to me about that side of it. And then for the person who's hearing all of this right now and they're fired up and they're like, I want to use this, either want to play this game, or I want to be building on this. Where can they, what are some next steps that they can do to learn more? All right. So first of all, we'll start on PC, but we support our SDK supports both the Unreal Engine and unity. So because of that, it can go mobile. It can go console, et cetera. So it'll roll out over time. So you can go to your university dot com and check it out. We're launching a collectible series next week, giving away just tons of NFTs, and we're doing it in a very creative way. We're telling the story of the university of the NFTs would give people can collect that NFTs at events where I speak or others a team speaks or collaborative companies speak. We will give away all these NFTs. And then we're going to play a little game with them on not really going to give away what we're going to do with that yet. But that's going to drive our whitelist and giveaways of our heroes, et cetera as well. You can go to our Discord channel. We do a lot of fun things that are just for our channel because people get involved with the project very early on. We share assets constantly. We call it work and process what we're doing. We have talks. We have world building discussions. We have our authors come in. We have our designers come in. If you want to learn how to make a game, being part of this community, I want to say this over and over and over. The universe isn't my project. It's the community project. The universe is owned by our community. We're creating the characters and the stories and the missile gains. But I'm really unleashing this. And so in our community right now, we're starting the first aspects of creating. So we have a creator track for people. Right now they're designing the first T-shirt for us. They're going to design animated logos. And then they're going to do texture maps for our characters that leave them to concept doctrine characters. And they'll kind of get creator points and people with career points and get rewarded as well. So we have people that work on slogans in our community. They don't have art skills. They do that. We have some phenomenal artists every single day. There's just fantastic art out there. And we're just want to keep them comedians all that eventually will unleash the SDK. And we'll give it to the community. We'll give them everything for our code to our 3D models to our rigging to our animations and just let them go create what they create. And I'm telling you right now, you and I can't predict what they're going to create. And that's wonderful. And they will exceed our expectations and positive. I am too. It's amazing how creative people can be when you give them the tools to go and be creative. And you can just sit back and watch and things just be built out and multiply over time. As I'm looking at this and as I'm learning more about everything you have building here, obviously this took a big vision and this is going to take time to kind of build out and get it to the ultimate vision of where things are. As you're looking at some of the first steps to this, what do you think are those first initial pieces that's really going to help be the clue that brings your community together and gets them to stay as this grows over time? So like you said, it's a large project. And we literally have dozens of weeks of releases we've planned. So we get this we want the backs throughout their character's story. We want our community to actually go out and write adventures for our characters, et cetera. We are going to do some kind of as we do some short films. We have novels, the comic book is looking phenomenal and will be released in a series of comic books will introduce each character via comic book as well, so they can learn. We want people just, you know, the more you soak up about this, the more you get, I don't know if you ever watch a television series like Game of Thrones that goes on for years and years, but you really get into the characters and you're really invested in them and the story. And at the same time in the background, we're going to build enough three at three different games that prove that the characters can be interoperable between the games and we'll have some big NFT offerings for our heroes and we have an exciting way to deliver them as well. We want a lot of the value of the value chain of the game to actually go to the community. So we feel the people that support us earliest will get kind of some of the most valuable assets in the game and many of them be free. And by ticket to support us in drumming up support for us, they'll do very well with those characters. They'll have the coolest things in the game that games as well. So this is a long project. It's going to take developers in our year to make their game. We've been making ours for quite a while as well. We have phenomenal people involved when the first investors in our project was Dave Jones. Designer, you know, he did lemmings. He did Grand Theft Auto crackdown a to be some of the projects we were on. I went and told my dear and I said, hey, what if we did this and what if we gave it all away? And he came back to me and says, you know what? I don't know Grand Theft Auto. I don't know, I mean, Sony also means I don't know, crack down. Microsoft phones crackdown. You know, I would love to design a game for the universe and give it to the community because I'm not going to own it at the end of the day anyways. And so that was validation of what we were doing. And then we got to phenomenal artists and explain to what we're doing. And I'll drop what we're doing and I want to join universe because I would love to make something that the community owns versus a large corporation. So that's just the consistent thing. We have all these amazing creative people. And if you go to a Discord channel, we have people constantly, what can I do? What can I build? How can I help? That's the attitude we want. And we're just building an army of support. And the more people support us, the bigger and better the universe can be. Definitely. There's like two reoccurring themes that keep coming up. And the course of this conversation, I want to spend a little bit of time on it. And one is story and the other is community. And when I think about every good game that I've ever played, it's the story. It's the plot. It's the character building and development in the payoff eventually at the end or the big reveal or whatever it is. And how much time and thought and energy goes into really crafting that story. So I want to start there, how is it that you at the beginning of this and obviously you have a ton of experience with gaming to really start with your investment in making sure that the first games that you come out have a really good story. Is that just through your experience? What is making you want to spend that much time on the story side of things? Yeah, so we have a world building series and we have videos if you go to our Twitter, the university you can see Brent Friedman discussion discussing how he was so excited to be involved with the project at the beginning and not be pulled in after the fact. You know, he was involved in the command and conquer type series. And he's like, they're brought them in afterwards to create a story. And he had to make a fit with all these things that were already created. But what he loves is he can go on there, and it can just build a really rich, diverse world that can house multiple games. You have to think of this like Star Wars, or you have to think of this like Marvel Universe. It is got that much depth and that much written richness. So our chief storyteller, he's worked at Lucas ranch and Star Wars. He's written con wars episodes Walking Dead. I think all the last four or 5 call of duties. He's done all the dialog for the last call up there for the call of duties. He's just a master writer. And we explained to him what we're doing. He just started laughing and he said, I want to be involved with this. And I get to build something up from the beginning. So he's been working since last year, building this out. And we have an army of 25 writers are writing stories for different portions of the universe to give it the depth. So each game will have can tap into this wonderful story. So he's really there. He's kind of the center of the wheel to make sure all the pieces fit together in properly and there's a weekly meeting that goes through it nice sitting on every single week and I'm just there's so much cool sci-fi technology, new worlds in different species. It's just, it's just fun and fantastic. You're going to enjoy reading the books, looking at the comics. It's whole franchise. I'm playing the games as well. So story is huge and very key to the universe. And what I love about that, just to bring it back to what you were just saying, even like thinking about the Marvel Universe, there's so many different elements of it. So just for the builders out there, for example, let's say that you made like an X-Men type world, and you have all these different mutants. So now you have these indie games that could come in create a mutant specific storyline that still ties into the larger story. And it's still on brand. You still can bring your character to all falls in place. And having that type of depth of storyline is so cool. That I just wanted to be able to echo real quick. Like how awesome this vision is. But now it's shifting over to the community side and I think this is the most important piece to build true community in the build these extravagant games take years of development. I don't think a lot of people really realize how much energy and time goes into mapping all of this out to really build a community that comes in survives the test of time and grows with you over time. What lessons have you learned through your journey in gaming to make sure that the community aspect is as strong in the right steps are being taken to really mold a really congruent community that aligns with what you're trying to build with your vision. I think the most important thing is we just share with them. You know, so every discussion we have internally, we record and we have our team, our community team that are taking excerpts out of that and trying to feed the community. So they can actually see the background, however character is developed or how there are style was developed for this particular world. You know, how we thought about each element of the game. So if people want to go along on the journey and really see how games large franchises are built, this is a phenomenal project to tag along to. I think the more time the people sink into that and the more they play around with the assets that we freely give to the community. I think they'll get more and more sucked into what we're doing and they'll be loyal. They'll be so loyal to the property because it's their property. The union universe, I can't say it is. I'll say it over and over. It's their project. It's going to go as far as the support that they give us will allow. And so, you know, just open channels of communication, given them access to what we're doing, letting them play, even though a games take longer to develop, we're going to release things like a danger room where people can go in and take their character that they bought. Because you have to remember, we're not a PFP. We're not little piece of artwork over there. It looks cute. When people buy, it's a fully 3D animated character, this game ready, and we'll have like a danger room that can drop in, run around and obstacles shoot things, have fun, et cetera. But it does take time to then fully integrate that into the story. And to build a choice of the game that can entertain, entertain people for dozens of hours versus 15 or 20 minutes. Definitely. Yeah, and I think that's amazing. And I think you've given so much amazing info on all things you knew are very, but I kind of want to wrap up with two fun questions, always like to ask my guests. And the first one I want to ask is if you could impart one to two pieces of wisdom to Tony Harmon when you first got started in your journey. What would you tell yourself? You have to you have to love what you're doing. If you don't love what you're doing, just get out. I start out in the finance world. I absolutely hated time stood still. I could not get through the day. You know, and everything in my life that was exciting and had nothing to do with my job. You know, I'd get out of there and go play softball tennis, whatever. And when I made a commitment and I said, look at this is life is going to be long and it's going to be really tedious. I want to do something fun. I want to do something every single day be excited about what I'm doing. I literally walked in the front door and Nintendo. And I went into Nintendo and I said, I will do anything in this building. Give me an opportunity. So I want people to realize it takes that level of commitment. And your life will be so much more fulfilled and time will go buy some faster the proud of what you're doing. When I started making video games, my dad was not proud of me. I can tell you that for a fact, you're not going to law school? No, I'm making games. So you just have to do what you have a passion for. If you do something you have a passion for, you will put more energy into it. There'll be less wasted time in your life. And I think the results will show and tap into the creative energy. Everyone has creative energy. I mean, I'll be art. It could be music. It could be writing, tap into that creative energy, because that gives you a spark and make your life a lot more enjoyable. I think that's a great gym. Everyone listening go back to this Ted a couple of times. I think it's always a good refresher that one of the things that COVID did for the world was to make people reflect on where they had in their lives. Are they doing what they want to do? How can they follow that? And I think you in part in that wisdom is just another good refresher of, if you're not necessarily doing the thing that you want to right now, how can you start taking the steps to go in that direction? And making sure that you're in your passion if you're already in your past, you congratulations, keep going at it and keep thriving, but I think that is an excellent piece of wisdom. But as we wrap up here, man, what is a final thought that you want to leave with all the listeners today? The universe is your project. Please check it out. It's the community's project. You can have a lot of fun with this. We're going to bring a lot of great content to you. Very rare, rarely do you get to participate in something very unique. Just think if you could go back on George Lucas was thinking about Star Wars and he was still in that and you could read some expert excerpts of his story and see some of the initial art. He's done. That's what you can do with this project. You can get involved from the very beginning. You can check out what amazing people in this industry are doing. I have decades of experience in this industry. I've tried to share this with my friends and industry and bring the best talent that I've worked with over the last 20 plus years into this project. So come check out the universe. I'm super excited to support creators. I will support them in every way I can the rest of my career. That's awesome. And I think that's a great final thought as a reminder you can go to universe dot com to get more information where you can follow them on Twitter in Discord. Are there any other ways that they can learn more information or potentially connect with you, Tony? No, I mean discords are primary communication mechanism. We fire out a lot of things on Twitter just because it's a way to reach a lot of people quickly and bring new people into Discord. But on our Discord, we have creator channels. We have founders come in. You can actually earn your way up to be a founder in the project and kind of get legendary status in the project. Legends in our world get to see secrets earlier than everyone else because they've earned their way up in that sense. So there's a system in a game we play so you can kind of rank up within it and we're really seeing that universe collectibles next week. So that's a great way to get involved. All the collectible NFTs we have, we want to teach people from the gaming world about NFTs. We want to teach them about the universe every little piece that we give out, tell some of the story. So some of the phenomena are what we're doing and gives people three things to collect, and then we're going to play a little game with these collectibles down the road that's going to have an exciting outcome to it. Excellent. Well, I know I'm excited to learn more for everyone listening. If you're fired up about this, make sure you go learn more about you a very soon. Check out the website. 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