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Little bit more weight that's when your body starts breakdown i'm list you know there's i i always thought there was like three types of guys. There's guys that don't do enough. There's the guys who are professionals doing what they're supposed to do. And then there's Obsessive obsessive compulsive guys and usually pros fit into one of those three categories. In my opinion it outta group that is definitely not an excessive compulsive right exactly. Not as not not not who who he is on paper. Where where are you on the lakers. May i guess just be on paper but when they did add russell westbrook but he's an inefficient shooter and he's in his mid thirties. He's had any surgers. Yeah you now. It is Spacing is going to be an issue with them but daiki with nana talent they have. I think the coaching staff could be creative and figure it out. I think a big key for them is how. Well anthony davis shoots three so you don't have to clogs on the floor. I think you could do now. This sounds crazy. But i think you could use. Russell has a super bruce brown in spots. I think that makes sense. Small ball force mobile five. Houston that's how they used them in houston exactly and that's how they have to use them now. But you know anthony davis it would greatly benefit them if he could knock down that three. Because i mean there's a good chance that russell won't so the space and could be compromised there. While i think i think the game plan is to start him at five and or as russell russell eighty okay That's what they always wanted to do. But he's not a fan of that right right. But i think so lease down about into the understands that that's how they gonna finish now. They're trying to convince. Let's start that way as well and then ulker nail brigham dwight some but the white sox starter. Martinez ending lapsing starter. I i think that's that's generally the game plan at iheartradio. We bring you the best podcasts. 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And i don't know if you want debate that i think that guy has more options as offensive player than anybody in the nba But he's always a wild car when it comes to you know off the court but love him as a player Yeah you know. The chemistry on the court looked really good when they got the play together last year and and it didn't last they didn't get to play with each other much but i think patty mills was a huge off season signing for them. I think that went under the radar. That's gonna be big for them. He's going to be able to step in when one of those guys are injured and play great regular. She's end playoff minutes. Good point If you had to pick one team the west that would that would compete The most with the lakers who debate. Oh man let's say. Let's go with a wildcard jamal. Murray comes back healthy. Let's say denver. You know it's funny. That's the one that i would point to. And i'll tell you why the lakers transform themselves in this authencity right. They're the best defense team two years ago. Now they're at opposite. They're not better offensively on paper than denver denver so much michael hordern juniors twenty toys a problem and i think he has another leap to make doug. Oh yeah and then you throw in And then you throw in obviously at the mvp people forget how good jamal murray was going back to the bubble right like you have threats and mean he got sixty five seventy points right there between those three. Yeah and then. They have a depth of other dues. Because they were they got they. Were still trying to figure out how to use them late year. Like that's a really good offense. She really yeah and it was amazing. How they're playing. When they had aaron gordon and jamal murray was still healthy. They were playing like the best team in the league. At that point and i think they could get back to that Okay you mean one team. In the east you think is most likely compete with would be milwaukee. Do you like what boston's done. Are you gonna go crazy talent. Tell me the knicks is again. Be philly we still don't know what they hang on ben sims. Let's go with the team. You didn't mention the he you know he. He culture of their coaching staff always seems to get things done in my opinion and they have enough talent this year with kyle and jimmy duncan space in the floor and hopefully tyler could get back to where he wasn't the bubble of they got a lot of pieces there and i think they have enough talent to get done. Would they beat a healthy nuts. I don't think so. But i think they can make a run again Okay last thing. How can somebody get your podcast. Combos court podcasts. Cnbc oh you rt. apple podcast iheartradio spotify. Follow me on instagram. One two combo. Hew osceola nba all in on twitter at combos courts. You'll be os c. o. u. r. Doug thank you so much for having me on your platform actually listened to your podcast. I enjoy your podcast all my appreciate everything that you do..

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