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John Walker Lindh has been released from prison after serving seventeen years behind bars. People reportedly trapped in buildings after a tornado toured through Jefferson City, Missouri overnight. A former New York City, detective and his wife admit they ran a prostitution and gambling ring in the city and on Long Island and arrest is made in a brutal attack on a seventy one year old school. Bus driver in the Bronx. In sports, the Mets house. The nationals this afternoon you can hear the game show right now on WCBS eight eighty the Yankees have an afternoon game in Baltimore, it's fifty five degrees and cloudy on this Thursday may twenty third. Good morning. I'm Marla diamond WCBS news time eleven thirty one. The California man who became known as the American Taliban after his capture on ghanistan battlefield in late two thousand and one has been released from prison thirty eight year old John. Walker lint was being held at the federal prison and Tara Indiana. CBS news. Correspondent David bag. No. Is there in mates? Who typically exhibit good behavior serve eighty five ninety percent of their sentence. So lens going to be on the supervisor release for the next three years, and the restrictions of pretty severe. She needs special permission to use the internet. If he goes online, he can only communicate in English and the device is going to be continuously monitored. Also undergo mental health counseling at revoke his passport Lynn spent more than seventeen years behind bars. He was sentenced to twenty years. Search operations are underway in Jefferson City, Missouri. After a tornado ripped through the city overnight. Reporter Justin Andrews has the latest. There are several reports of people trapped in buildings that are severely damaged or destroyed all resources are coming in. We have highway patrol. We have members of agencies that wouldn't normally not be associated with a storm, but they're all coming into play windows, businesses were blown to pieces in cars where. Overturned and tossed into buildings and dangerous live power lines littered the streets. That's.

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