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I'll be over and don't you worry sweetie I'll take care of you the story of the stone men will over to me you're satisfied now I'm satisfied doorman Wilson is out as head right well I don't suppose you get out of my and out of my apartment Mary how about you when I leaving a nice quiet evening looking curricula we know we can't like it might be some way we can I don't know what that way is but he doesn't suppose we arrest when it shows up at Wilson's with that stone that'll give us a murderous sure right out of the motor knows that and I guarantee you got away yeah side one save Caroline flight you know what he incorrectly rose stay with him one guy in the world safe with call his house we nine oh sure Nike you saw the letter the almond scent account I was there anything about it the only non religious Amanda was written very camping in pencil people don't write in pencil much nowadays but Wilson doesn't do anything the usual way okay is not well and hang up and try her apartment we have a number the bill is not with the financing right could be the killer I don't think so Evans now eleven know much about this don't a lot of business no not too much she had told him about the stone but he didn't see the letter implied that well I mean I think making me hi how did not in the making I think it's great it was miss Jones who you wit yeah when they go in when they leave I don't know you don't know hello or to do she was scared to death going places and yeah she's gone somewhere with him saying he I just remembered something got a great generations so you remember something do you remember what Carolyn Jones said before she showed me that letter yes he did he never gonna do anyway even even claim to know anything about it no he didn't marry but he said something before he saw that rather makes me think that he'd either seen it for all one just like it thank you what when Carolyn won the room he said and this is almost a quote that old man sat down with pencil and paper so what so this Friday that mother was written in pencil yeah if he hadn't seen that letter before or receive one himself we know that thank you do you mean the tech given that the other brother I think so and Caroline Jones is going to be his dead sister we don't find themselves all we know is that around the country I think you know what you mean today in the one bad thing about the country is that there's so much of it.

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