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I never felt any push towards using helix credits or the need to use more money on this game. If you need an example of AC trying to push Hewitt's credits play a couple of hours of unity Odyssey's the best in the most restrained use of micro transactions. The series has ever seen since they were implemented, and then he goes angry, regulars please. This is not a Cecil creed anymore. I see is a God. God damn AC game. AC games is about history traversable and the fight between freedom and control, which all our president. Oh, so you say he was? I see what you did here. He saying he was arguing the people saying it's not an easy game. He says it is a goddamn assassin's creed game assassin's creed games have always wanted about history. Traverse will in the fight between freedom and control which all are present and vital part of odyssey. Stop bitching. Enjoy. And I just think it's a fucking awesome game regardless if it says agreed. So yeah, RJ from Spain wrote in and said, I would like to contribute about assassin's creed, odyssey XP boost. I was playing a game without the boost for a total of sixteen hours, and I did not have any problem. And then same as Greg saw the polygon article since I'm loving the game, and I always liked to be over leveled. I decided to get the x. p. six hours later I'm finding myself to be to over levels for my current story missions. So I don't think that the argument the game was designed with this boost in mind, and it keeps bugging me all the hate, the games, receiving prompting. Jason, try to tweet about I have the people can see this game is great in not dismiss it because of the micro transaction controversy Jarrett from Australia road in high grad yesterday, US people to right in with their experiences of odyssey and the x. p. grind I was just about to right in saying, I find it fine. It was able to progress doing mostly the main story quests with just a few side quests now and then stay up to the required level, but I'm around thirty hours just finished a story, quest with recommend. The level of twenty four in the next means to request is level thirty two, what the fuck. So unless I've missed something and after eight levels, which is probably around ten hours of play, just to be able to continue the story. It's a major buzzkill to be invested in Cassandra story and be forced out of it to do other things for ten hours just to progress that said, I am really enjoying the game a lot. And the side quests have been mostly enjoyable, but puts a bit of the Downer on the game for me, Jared from Australia, a valid thought Jaren. We set our thoughts yesterday where I disagree with you, but that was yesterday show. I think it's all part of the same story today I'm living. I'm living as Cassandra loud and proud, but I hear you and I thank you..

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