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Don't each other at to our knowledge it's more of just. There's kind of this this this just divide. There's just there's just a chasm between the and it probably doesn't matter again. They've won a high level and could continue winning at a high level or even a higher level depending on things like roster construction and whether ben simmons would evolve his game so it's it's not even like there are times when there is feels like a simmons versus embiid thing. But i don't really feel like that's the crux of all this. I should point out to because there is. There is an organizational responsibility here. Also if not for the winning which is a big thing to put aside we would we would have been talking about. This is one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the league. Up there with the kings and the knicks. And whoever else you wanna throw in there the minnesota timberwolves another one. Sam hinkie spent three years at the front office. He's thrown overboard for bryan colangelo. Who spends two years there then. We have this weird moment of elton brand. But it's elton bread and brett brown and it's this power sharing and there's all these voices and we don't really know who's in charge then it becomes. It's elton brand for two years. And then it's daryl morey but still they're like for the last five six years there have been a lot of turnover and just ambiguity. And just general weirdness with their front office that counts for something to and play some background role in this. I think the lack of consistency a lack of clear authority changing voices. All the time doesn't help up sorts. Leads me to this question. Let me actually back for second level. You'll get with this question this question..

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