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An all day like being informed we remain prior kansas city's tree cmo and so you know bad people come to us from all walks of life and all different experience levels in the financial markets we have people that don't know a stock from a stick how people that that have had a couple of years just piddling around in the markets that so they kind of know a little bit about the market's at least some of the terminology and that we've got people that have been trading for years the just simply can't dial it in there not profitable to time and you know again we got a really nice email from where our graduates last week that i'd like to just read here on the air but let me tell you a little about in his name's danny's for blue springs missouri in dan was actually in the insurance business prior to coming to the trading cat an iron and berry while he traits fulltime men in fact has done very very well in his trading account in fact uh was a you telling me that he purchased a vacation on pay cash for a vacation home in lake tahoe lake tahoe and then in this email you're about to readings now by purchasing a second home i came reveries purchasing or leasing it in panama what's know what it as they hit on here yet so it this was written to katie a year ten she's one of our education consultants that worked within mrs back in late two thousand fifteen abide he said katie i hope you had a good at trading day because trading katie most of my people at the academy trade life ed he said i made five thousand dollars in ym today why tighten my stop losses due to overall weakness in the marketplace then i did two thousand dollars in the ass and 4000 an options trading of et up option so um for the spyders as ticker symbol s p y a center so i had a ten thousand six hundred dollar day otas the greatest my lessons for withbob dunn have been invaluable and he has taught me how to manage the trade so much more effectively just keep writing the wave all day with no limits above the entry otas really changed my life and this is with the exclamation points a bunch.

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