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You know when potato chip is never going to be enough wednesday bag is open and started i'm going to devour it no matter if it's five hundred mil bag or the family pack ouch i'm gonna eat all of them because they were actually chemically engineered to be that way it is almost impossible to eat one wow i mean that's what's so crazy to me as i love that you're sharing a little bit inside of the food industry in i've seen some documentaries in it's just mind blowing to me how something like a diet coke you drink one of those and you almost want another one you know it's like it's just this constant cycle because of the chemicals inside of them so you mentioned the shame cycle and what that looks like so just you know how do you get out of that how do you stop the food cravings how do you get out of the shame cycle while the it's so great that you bring that up by last night had a one on one with one of my clients and she's fallen off the wagon is she would say and she's really stuck in the shame cycle of really feeling so horrible about herself in when she told me some of the names that she even calls herself after she eats away she doesn't want to it's really a highly abusive environment so her work really is a couple of things one when she eats away she doesn't want to i've said get in the mirror at right look into your eyes in want you to say i love you it's gonna be okay because again this is the moment when you need the most love for on you if you pour hate on yourself you're to caused yourself to impeaching and what all addicts want pain relief that's one of the biggest drivers of addiction looking for pain relief will if you are the abuser and the one inflicting pain you can stop that and so that was part of a work it's you know it's not even about like okay let's make a commitment to stop like we've all done not so that's you know that's not the work to be done right now the work to be done.

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