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Right. This show aired from one thousand nine hundred to two thousand. Yeah. Definitely a cult. Classic it air on FOX and syfy. Oh slider slider. I know that. All right tar. Yep. Two thousand sixteen several issues of the comic based on this animated show. Our full length erotic friend fiction stories. I don't want to know. I don't like this movie hint. This show is on FOX and runs from two thousand eleven to the president. Oh, Bob's burgers. Yeah. You got it. Saturday Bundy two thousand five several of the series based on this short lived show take place between the end of the series and the follow up movie. One features a hover stagecoach. Firefly. Hey, look, you've got the space. Got it. You apologize. The space and time. Chose not going until we hear the case. No shit standoff. Which of you is more stubborn Frank out of gross worth. I to keep the show running stuff to me two thousand fourteen Steve Austin guest stars in the comic series that serves us season. Four of this seventies action show by onic woman by women is. Hey, he's Tara two thousand three this comic based on this seventies. Forerunner of the X files. Features the Euler reporter going up against ca through. Kohl check the night stalker. Nice. All right. I score break for thirty bunting two thousand eleven the comic based on this eighties. Kids show has stories about gogo mochi. Uber and read plenty of uncle traveling that. Sorry space time. Frankel rock. Nicely done. All right. That's question. Fifteen of a bunch thirty nine tar. Of course, it's a very close game. Has eight points. I have seven points Sarah exploited. All right. So. The Adam gross worth eagles are challenged. Oh, no longer. Classics. What fifties sitcom was the first TV show to be seen by more than ten million viewers?.

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