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Comments are always encouraged. And again. Today's guest is a good friend of the show. Somebody who's been in studio several times and that will be Bob Reed Miller when his time comes in about 15 minutes, so we'll be talking. Summer succulents. I don't take care of succulents during the hot weather and summertime look at Jonny's All tanned look Good first thought that came in my mind with summer, not summer nights. Some our summer nights summer succulent summer Now I hope we get a close up of his face. Look at that. Just a movie star. You know, I had 100 degree temperatures at my house. In Santa Ana winds, and it was almost impossible to keep up with the watering. Just, you know, things burning. You know, one of the things I told you guys, what are you doing in my voice? Nothing. That was my phone. I'm putting you up actually bringing you because you have such a timid little voice. I want to bring it up, but it was so hot that the How hot was it? Waiting for the peppers? The pepper fruit was burning. And You know commercially when they're planning peppers in hot areas like that, they put row covers over so to reflect the heat so that the fruit itself doesn't burn. You know if you're if you're pepper has plenty of leaves, and the fruit is maturing under the leaves. That's not a problem, which, by the way, my pepper is because it is covered by a couple of leaves around it. Yeah, you got a little bit of shade Tio dio, but that that hot sun you know, 100 degree temperatures and the hot winds That was just too much. And you said that it at some point during the week you had to water your roses two or three times a day that was during that period was What was the Wednesday Thursday like that third one is really hot. Yeah. Think on the Costa was no 1990 on the beach is actually which is even worse. And people sometimes get confused because they think, Oh, I've been growing in full sun the whole time. Shouldn't be a problem. No, it's a problem. You have whether that you know you. Cloudy cloudy cloudy, right sunny all of a sudden plants. Don't Hardin off that easily difference between sunlight in temperature because it could be cloudy and if it's 100 degree He's still got a problem. Of course, the sun does compound that, and there's a difference between a hair dryer hair dryer in a blowtorch, a hair dryer, hair dryers. Anyway, we've got a good show lined up today. Questions, comments. Ah, comments I should say are encouraged as we check out Facebook, hot weather and and dry weather brings up the topic of succulents and glance that our water resistant but Is Tiger mentions. You know, it depends on what they've been doing up until that period of time, so.

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