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And then the rain shower came in a cool things also good news there inside the mind set of a college freshman making everybody feel old on the market our show Joe joins us in Atlanta Joe Walker the program Hey mark how are you know what's going on Joe well I'm saying that all your friends are had kids were entering college or even grandparents wanted you not feel so badly about not having had my my dad was sixty five when I was born and you know pretty old sure I don't I don't mean to sound bad hold on a second go I don't feel bad because I I'm forty five and I'm not ready to have a kid yet I haven't had one yet because I'm not ready to take care of one when that happens very I'll have one yeah well here's the other really cool part about him is that he was born in eighteen ninety seven oh my goodness right you know that to be I mean yeah yeah hi so I can longer I can a kid up to sixty five that's what she's saying sixty five sixty five Chris is up next in the market hello Chris Hey all three are examples you'd be eighteen seventeen and eighteen year old all right so they would have never seen Michael Jordan technical oh wow yeah the only president and a search for them they can recall a George Bush you hope my goodness yeah and the third one and you won they've always though here's one they've always lived in a world where there's been a mark air show.

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