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When i first learned about david thorne's conviction i'd really only heard the basics about the woman at the heart of the story a new yvonne lane had five kids. I knew she was gorgeous. But i didn't know a lot about her life or personality. David in fact spoke of her in glowing terms at first but as i dug deeper my understanding of this twenty six year old woman started to evolve. She was complicated. Of course we all are but she was more than that. She loved her children yet by their own accounts. She did mistreat them sometimes. She allegedly sold her body for money and yet wanted to be a good jehovah's witness in the eyes of her parents so confused. I circled back to david a few months into my investigation. He agreed yeah. He hadn't told the full truth about yvonne when i first asked because he didn't want to quote be smarter. It's tricky to talk about someone when they're dead nothing. Yvonne did could have justified nearly decapitating her and so david didn't talk much about the qualities in her. That people might judge but to understand a murder of this type. One in which i believe is personal. You have to understand the victim police. No this of course. That's why one of the first questions they try to answer in a homicide is. Is there anyone who would want the victim dead. Most homicides are at the hands of someone. The victim knows so. It's an obvious starting point yet. According to the case file and yvonne's murder investigators in this case didn't bother interviewing a lot of the people closest to her. There are no records of interviews with her sisters or her father. We only know of her mother. Tanya speaking to the police as well as a young woman who as far as tanya new was yvonne's closest friend..

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