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Of the fraternities and sororities at cal poly san luis obispo are on suspension after a race racist custom party came to light he cbs has making gold's be spoke to an expert who says punishments like this are definitely having a moment the question is how long will this moment last benjamin browser in america's professor of sociology and social services at east bay says we do go through cycles remember in the sixties and early seventies that you know they were similar reactions to visible acts of discrimination like this recovered his papers that he says we seemed as a country to forget and the same problems came up again so right now starbucks may be closing for a time next month for racial sensitivity training after the philadelphia arrests of two black men in one of their stores but we'll institutional awareness of this problem continue this time one of the wonderful things about the current timing is that we're in is that we now have more information readily available on social media and websites of event and solutions and trends and so forth means an extraordinary time so the key to making it last this time he says is keeping yourself informed making gold speak kcbs cal trans yesterday honored workers who have been killed in line of duty he cbs is bob butler reports say include a painter and the toll taker killed when a drunk driver smashed into her bay bridge toll booth last year you does this moving ceremony every year sherline fernandez is the district for of health safety and training it is with a heavy heart report that two names have been added to the market and at brooks and cc han brooks a painting supervisor in real del and humbled county han was the toll taker acting district for director jim davis says there are some dangers jobs and the next ten years we'll be busy with the fusion of sp one transportation funding this also means that more workers will be on the highway for falling our mission works and han were engraved on firm oneal black traffic cones and the names of other foreign workers were read followed by a bell toll at the end of.

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