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On, man? How are you this week? Doing well, Coast back in studio for this always feel like a little bit of a different vibe here. Like I said, When you get bad takes, I can be visibly and audibly upset. And when I say something that doesn't make sense, you can basically tell me to go shut the F up like Johann Oviedo told Mikey Stransky this week. Pretty good We should make Don't we are record. In this Thursday morning, July, the eighth the morning after the the Shut the F Up, heard around the world as what they're calling it in the baseball world kind of a crazy game. As far as that was concerned, I always fear Like waking up and opposing team's dugout waking up in opposing team's offense. It's kind of like back in the day and you never see anymore. Manager Just don't get ejected anymore just doesn't happen because they come out of the argue balls and strikes and they just immediately get tossed. Or there's instant replay. So there's no reason to argue anything nowadays, so just kind of ridiculous, But in that moment, the Giants offense hadn't been like blowing up or anything. Jastremski smokes of all 400 ft off the wall for a double, and the other rookie Johan who Oviedo who had a really tough time finding the strike zone. Was like, really? Don't know, beside himself at the fact that maybe the Giants offense we're stealing signs, which my first thought is. I don't really care if they're stealing signs. If they're doing it on the field, you're not using some device to do it totally within the bounds of baseball. As far as I'm concerned, Yeah, I mean the paranoia. According to Mikey Stransky was off the charts because when he was on the mountain or when he was on second base in the first inning, remember Oviedo couldn't find the strike zone. I think he walked to allowed a single gotten a bases loaded No one out situation. Ostrovsky was standing on second base, and he said the Cardinals change signs three times in the first inning. This is a rookie pitcher who's already struggling to find the strike zone. If you're having to change signs three times, it's kind of pathetic. It is kind of pathetic it and there was a couple of times early in the game where you saw Oviedo telling the catcher he was like throwing up to two. Let's go with the second set of signs. Let's go with the first citizen is hard pulling up the car. This is where I wanted to get the Bs card. I Actually, and I'll be honest about this. I've got no issue and I know that people don't like to see it. I got no problem with like Brandon Crawford or Evan Longoria or somebody there holding the card or or a left fielder. I've seen do it a whole bunch saying I saw Jesse Winker earlier this year I was sitting in the bleachers for Reds game and he would look at the car and I thought it was sort of funny because He checked the card, and then he took like four steps to his left. And I'm like, Did we really need the card to tell you to do that? Back in the day? The the bench coach or whoever the outfield coach was would direct you just where to stand. And now they check the cards. It doesn't bother me that a catcher has the quarterback place leave. It doesn't And I know Buster Posey doesn't like it. My point is as a fan visually, that doesn't irritate me. The pictures should not have a card on his person. The pictures should not be out there checking a card. At one point, they go out for a mound visit when it's a 12 count to Brandon Crawford in that ballgame, and Oviedo's like checking a card while he's talking to the catcher. I get you're trying to figure out signs and all this, But this is this is part of the mental game of baseball. A picture needs to be out there on the island by himself, trying to figure this thing out, checking a card in between hitters to change signs to me. That eliminates the point of even counting mound visits. Then what's the point of having these mound visits over policing? To me? It's a really little league move. It's something you see in like travel ball 12 year olds like I can see Murph having cards for his picture. I can see Murph you know, out in the Marine Little League, you know, putting, you know, set in little Johnny to the mound with a card because Johnny's forgetting the signs all the time. When you're Johan Oviedo, and you're in the major leagues and you're using a card come on, and this is not to single out Johan Oviedo. This is to make a greater point about get the Hard off the mound in Major league baseball. It's fine and Little League high school. I would still take exception to beyond that, you know, just get it out of the game when the College World Series I recall a couple of weeks ago, guys had this live the catcher sleeve always been harmed. You can't checking your plate. This is what I'm talking to you. How do you draft a catcher who's known for his game calling when he's checking a card looking to the dugout? Every pitch? Well, I understand, like teaching a guy how to call a game. I understand the catcher sometimes take longer because they have to understand the process of that. I also get Buster Posey. Saying, What divides me or makes him elite relative to a catcher who's maybe borderline is his ability to no hitters, his ability to set up hitters to get through and it bad to manage a line up the third time through when you've got the same starting pitcher out there on the mound. He used to be really evident to me with guys like Tim Lincecum, who would not empty their arsenal the first time through the lineup Now the game was being played differently in 2000 and 89 10, obviously from where it is right now, But you used to see things like okay when I was going to get through the whole first couple of innings first time through the lineup, and he Not going to throw a slider or curveball. He's gonna throw the split finger fastball. He's going to throw the high hard fastball and then second time three. You'd see him start with that. Get it over curveball, and now guys have to look for it. And that was all part of like the the managing of the game of Buster Posey. I thought the ability to call again to get through a perfect game with Matt Cain. The reason he's been behind the plate for so many huge moments like that. You totally eliminate that element of the game. And that mental aspect of the game when the pictures out there with a card in his hat. Yeah, I hate it. I hate every element of it is Terrible get it out of the game. And you do make the good point about Buster Posey and his ability to read hit or something that I learned this week was Buster Posey, more so than other catchers spends the time between be pitcher catching the ball on the mound and actually getting ready to throw the pitch sizing up the hitter in the batter's box, seeing if they've tweaked their foot seeing if they tweet their stance, See if they're holding the bat any differently. He does that more than any other catcher, And you can't do that. If you're holding a card and looking into the dugout, it just it ruins the game. Incredible. Did he say that to you? Or did you? Did you ask him, But at least I was reporting the story about Buster Posey for the All Star game and what it's actually already out on mercury news dot com in this anecdote didn't make the story so great reporter I am Yeah, Carla, clearly an interesting anecdote that you as a baseball fan like and I just totally left. Tell me more about that. You're like, no, There's nothing there. I can't. I didn't put it in the story. So you're not going to be reading it on mercury news dot com Any time soon, But a few people mentioned to me like the way that he studies hitters is very different than the traditional catcher. And very different than the new Age cats Pretty cool, because that's what I was just going to say..

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