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You're welcome bravo three different stories had nothing to do with it i was like oh shit some someone at bravo was like you do not put up the right at i loved it we're trolling andy and we don't even mean to about it we trolled andy so many times we don't even need to do it we are becoming a pest to him and we're not even trying we have mentioning us kelly ripa to have kelly ripa that is best watch what happens was built on kelly ripa and those early days when he was up there sweating you know on camera he like the only way he could get any attractions if you invited sarah jessica parker or kelly ripa on the show and if it weren't for them that showed not be around she is a pillar of andy's empire she coming community oh my god that was like wow what a thrill so then last night you tweeted at mr james kennedy because i didn't treat him i didn't that him oh somebody else did and said answer this question i i'm really tweeted since kanye west has has recently come kosit it as a hardline conservative trump supporter i tweeted something about like so where does this leave dj james kennedy the white conway and then i guess maybe someone tweeted at james or whatever but as you have an answer for this and he just wrote back ganga's gang okay i guess.

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