Democrats, Norman Goldman, Mika Brzezinski discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


I'm really sorry. I apologize, sir. But I told you I had facts to back this up four days until the midterm elections. Three new national poll Democrats at double digit advantage in that both for conquest the latest peac university. Call shows Democrats fourteen points ahead of the Republicans on the generic ballot. That spread is twelve points. Gs in the new NPR poll law the politic. Morning. Consult poll puts Democrats ten points ahead inside. The Quinnipiac poll a startling data point for the GOP as Democrats have a six point edge among men forty eight percent forty two percent, according to two thousand sixteen exit polls, President Trump one men by twelve points. Fifty three percent to forty percent. Of course, Mika Brzezinski, we thank MSNBC and morning Joe for that clip. And what that means is we're seeing some big marginal shifts here in the electorate, and if these numbers hold up on November the sixth of this year, we will see a lot of big changes. But I told you I had faxed the back that up the numbers look good. But please remember the numbers. Look good going into November eight 2016 as well. All right. If you're on hold you're straight ahead. Thanks for your patience at you. And me next where Justice is served the Norman Goldman show. You're listening to Norman independent this strong. Lives calling them as we see them. And not at all silent. This is the Norman Goldman show. They are the oppressor this is life and death, man. This ain't no game. We plant. Follow.

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