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It's probably <Speech_Male> just more one of <Speech_Male> those items where <Speech_Male> it's <Speech_Male> It's not shared <Speech_Male> is just one of <Speech_Male> that that <Speech_Male> we work through <Speech_Male> a think through as we're <Speech_Male> working through the valuation <Speech_Male> now. <Speech_Male> We'll save. <Speech_Male> We're doing a <Speech_Male> independent <Speech_Male> valuation. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Maybe outside <Speech_Male> of transaction, <Speech_Male> it may <Speech_Male> add to the risk. <Speech_Male> Profile <Speech_Male> that we look <Speech_Male> at for the company <Speech_Male> and. <Speech_Male> Others always sort <Speech_Male> of a subjective <Speech_Male> risk element <Speech_Male> that <Speech_Male> we have <Speech_Male> the ability <Speech_Male> to add in. If <Speech_Male> we think it's appropriate, <Speech_Male> is not something <Speech_Male> that we see <Speech_Music_Male> every day. It's <Speech_Male> not <Speech_Male> sometimes not even every <Speech_Male> year, but <Speech_Male> you know every once in a while <Speech_Male> I can think <Speech_Male> of a couple of transactions. <Speech_Male> That I've worked on <Speech_Male> where we go out. <Speech_Male> We with vantage an <Speech_Music_Male> satellite <Speech_Music_Male> man. <Speech_Male> This is <Speech_Male> They're struggling <Speech_Music_Male> to explain the business <Speech_Male> to the US <Speech_Male> and and <Speech_Male> trying struggling <Speech_Male> to be consistent <Speech_Male> and things of that <Speech_Male> sort whereas. <Speech_Male> Ninety <Speech_Male> nine out of one hundred <Speech_Male> times the <Speech_Male> management teams that we <Speech_Male> meet with a great <Speech_Male> Neil Business <Speech_Male> and they. <Speech_Music_Male> Can speak <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> issues that <Speech_Male> we discussed from <Speech_Male> the top of their heads, <Speech_Male> and it's just <Speech_Male> not issue <Speech_Male> at all, but you <Speech_Male> know one out of every <Speech_Male> times <Speech_Male> so or <Speech_Male> thousand times <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> not will be expected. <Speech_Male> What's The craziest <Silence> thing <SpeakerChange> you've seen an? <Speech_Music_Male> I <Speech_Music_Male> haven't seen <Speech_Male> anything. <Speech_Male> Maybe la <Speech_Male> person would look <Speech_Male> at his van <Speech_Male> I think some <Speech_Male> of the things that surprise <Speech_Male> me though it <Speech_Male> is is just some <Speech_Male> of the deals <Speech_Male> that we seen <Speech_Male> where we've <Speech_Male> worked on where <Speech_Male> it said never <Speech_Male> break this going back <Speech_Male> a number of years ago, <Speech_Male> the company <Speech_Male> that we were valuing <Speech_Male> for. <Speech_Male> For <Speech_Male> a while, <Speech_Male> they had a little <Speech_Male> bit of trouble or <Speech_Male> valiant for college, <Speech_Male> billion dollars <Speech_Male> and strategic <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> came in <Speech_Male> literally <Speech_Male> pay two <Speech_Male> billion dollars for <Speech_Male> like a hundred <Speech_Male> percent more than <Speech_Male> what we add value, <Speech_Male> the company <Speech_Male> ads and <Speech_Male> we just couldn't <Speech_Male> believe it just given. <Speech_Male> Some <Speech_Male> of the things that we've seen <Speech_Male> and. <Speech_Male> We've seen some deals <Speech_Male> recently like <Speech_Male> that as <Speech_Male> wear company <Speech_Male> that's. <Speech_Male> Just been <Speech_Male> acquires <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> you know in the last <Speech_Male> couple of years, <Speech_Male> and there's <Speech_Male> a transaction where <Speech_Male> literally <Speech_Male> the new buyers <Speech_Male> pay double <Speech_Male> purchase, price <Speech_Male> or <SpeakerChange> more, <Speech_Male> you wonder Halley <Speech_Male> wondered, says <Speech_Male> I'd say <Speech_Male> my world's <Speech_Male> quite frankly nothing <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> shocking necessarily, <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> but surprising. <Speech_Male> Yeah, obviously <Speech_Male> see <Speech_Male> we see surprising all <Speech_Male> the time in typically <Speech_Male> it's <Speech_Male> how in <Speech_Male> some cases <Speech_Male> is really smart, <Speech_Male> sophisticated <Speech_Male> bars or <Speech_Male> putting a lot of money on <Speech_Male> the line and <Speech_Male> in a way that <Speech_Male> is unexpected. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Things that <Speech_Male> we don't see, but <Speech_Male> let's say that <Speech_Male> again. Getting what <Speech_Male> we see <Speech_Male> us through the entire <Speech_Male> cycles, <Speech_Music_Male> not only that <Speech_Male> the time of the deal, <Speech_Male> but pulse transaction <Speech_Male> united <Speech_Male> say <Speech_Male> more often than not <Speech_Male> we <Speech_Male> typically <Speech_Male> do have it right <Speech_Male> or do get it right <Speech_Male> in terms of when <Speech_Male> we're surprised <SpeakerChange> that <Speech_Male> usually not a good thing. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Very cool, <Speech_Male> so that could be the guy <Speech_Male> that's incentivize <SpeakerChange> just <Speech_Male> to take the close. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Sensitive, Hey. <Speech_Male> Thanks for

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