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To us anytime anywhere This is all painful for us us If I tell you, but my life. In. The, Catholic church it was magnificent, man I I was telling, my. Son we're driving through north park man we used to go to these and I've never been. Around. And priests were anything but magnificent. Seriously I've never seen anything suspicious ever And those priests they. Put us on a bus yellow school bus in anyone out, there has been. An. Ultra, boy and we used to, have the altar boy picnic, they. Would get this huge grow which had a house on it in essence in in north park. In. Man they have burgers and dogs In one year it rained so hard there. Was a fifty inches of rain and we ran in the rain. And sat, in the gutters with the water, rushing up our backs and Coast. Us in sports father? Bill housing was a huge figure in my life I got arrested for stealing cars I've never. Forget this I was young fifteen I think my mother, was flabbergasted why wouldn't she be she thought she ruined my life and ruined her life and. Blamed herself for my derelict behavior she had nothing to do with it. As a derelict but, regardless I can. Still see it as if it was. Yesterday have sitting on the steps there's a gym in shady side. Right beside a Sacred Heart elementary. School in the. High school there's a Jim they're sitting, on the steps I was I was. President of the CYO at the. Time and father Bill he took care of us men he was. King he had a. House in seven springs and he would, take us whitewater rafting you talked to a second adult he took kids off, the streets who were derelict's And then we. Sat in those steps, and he talked. To me like a man and told. Me you need your parents you need to do the right thing. You can't be a criminal priest. Wasn't brow beating. Me he wasn't talking about Satan and, father Bill he was my man we. Were tight till the end even. When he was excommunicated I went to his church So there's greatness there so what does does it takes all that in the ditch is it, because they don't they refuse to take. All the bad and get rid of it on Sunday. And Monday were cleaning the slate I don't. Care if there's three. Priests left they're good priests in everybody else goes to jail. Done hey John go ahead Hey Marty how are, you, doing, tonight sir Hey I had a cousin that you know I kind of knew whenever. We went to school, together, did, just right he ended up, being Three, other priest and. They, all but excommunicated ended up, going to, Cuba trying to help people down air she got actually got murders Dan. Air oh my gosh Yeah I, mean I could give you a. Name you could look at all. Up you, know I don't want to say, no, no, no, no What a what a what, a, traumatic, story What, I'm thinking though is I. Mean I'm like you I. Was raised, cats we have summer Sunday school you know during, the summer, when we were out of school, the nuns I learn more than them, saying? We get? Of the priests Thinking is is spent three should, be allowed to be married Okay I get that and I, believe that and I buy that and it makes, sense today women should be in, the. Church today they should but it doesn't eliminate the pedophilia sir No it's don't they would attract more men it would be man I'm going to read I'm gonna read along the lines of what you're saying I'm going to read a pretty profound message. From an insider twenty years ago mardi. They. Would treat the priest treat them and then transfer them when they found out they did, something wrong and they will continue to do that, now they are doing the right thing Back then. Had no place to hide if they were gay so they entered the priesthood and he said that's a fact he says boycott the church until. All the, names are released and quit donations people have? Done, that anyway. You're a great guy I. Appreciate the call it's. A difficult process for. A lot of folks I'm not the be all end. All here I'm just a voice man trying to keep it real I don't know what to tell anybody to do except there's a difficult time to be a Catholic because it's there's a redundancy to it folks you know what's. The guy that cheats on his wife And he's. Contrite and he cries and he commits himself. To his wife and he gives her the pass code. Do his phone all fine and dandy and then one day she's picking up his shirts and finds lipstick on another caller how many times you. Forgive the, sins how much pain can you endure seriously That wants to stay in the church don't even search don't. Even look at Irish don't even look, at Ireland sex-abuse dome don't do it It. Hurts your heart Sue She held too long soil you. Call I. Apologize eight six, six three hundred and. Twenty I'm. Sorry Hey bob Hey, bob Hey I always tried to say that you know there are many more of how fair who's, ever, had Courage I suppose West our. Guard, out there And everybody pretty much picky on us for the rest of our young adult life Who who were Abusir were you abused Yes And you never told? Anyone Well you know Irish Catholic Over, you gotta You came home and told you dare tell. Your parents today you got it twice But I just told you the. Story about my father What I was growing up in the March seniors The body of God yes You? Know The way, you go I've got the grits You know there's a, vast people and Fred I know that Outlet didn't absolutely, didn't want people Back I finally got caught Transfer Yes And everyone, else and nobody would dare say a. Word Are up here And people would assume we like it or we Istat or something like that Are you still a Catholic Ashley. Eucharistic minister and CCD teacher That's amazing How how do you pull? It off how? Do you how do you compartmentalize the pain that you were molested by a priest and go? To church how do you? Do that I'd have to say you know I have a? Strong faith in Jesus Christ And Obviously and judge were made on the higher ups parts These people I don't blame it. On God I blame it on the. Human being Who were, led to believe one God. You're amazing and the? Priest? That molested you you're saying he. Was caught what does that mean sir After stuck transfer he? Was Arrested they. Actually like At all three. Or something like that in how many boys do you believe he molested? In his career I guess his. Career back when he was at our church at five including myself Oh did you ever want to, kill him Never mind Innocently at like, four eight By the time you're twelve or thirteen Bike was Yeah God bless, you. Man I got gotta, go you're. Amazing are you? Okay is your head okay from? This Absolutely I, five Say I obviously I. Have it But, I believe every single please Every. Bishop cardinal anyone any should absolutely Absolutely it's an amazing interview it's an. Amazing way, to. End this half hour thank. You sir amazing Powered by Nissan, fifty one south on top of the, hill over across town boulevard as you make, your way outbound whether you're heading over to the boulevard the allies or, over toward the liberty bridge we have a lane restriction as you make your. Way to the boulevard the LA stay over toward the, left hand side on the exit ramp itself and then for folks heading over to the. Liberty bridge the right lane is blocked, off. As you head onto the bridge inbound on the.

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