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Place we all die which is why you should go to ladder. Life dot com slash likes to see if your instantly approved. That's ladder spelled. L. a. d. d. e. r. life dot com slash. Lex once again for the seats. In the back that's ladder life dot com slash lacks. This show is also sponsored by the tampa farms. mission is to deliver meet. You can feel good about meat. That is good for you. Good for animals and good for the planet. Kampe animals graze on open pastures seasonal grasses resulting. You meet this higher nutrients and healthy fats. Bell campo has been the best meat of ever eaten at home. I've been basically eating Camp ground beef like one pack is one pound so ye two of those day and has been incredible. It tastes incredible as i talk about with On your for nod in a previous podcast. It's represents humane treatment of animals. I mean it was a an incredible experience from to Visit the farm to talk to anya to see the animals graze in the open pasture but also the process to see the the slaughterhouse to see the butchering the cooking sitting under the stars looking at the fire. Just thinking about the whole cycle of life. You should definitely check out that episode as we talk about cooking as we talk about regenerative farming as we talk about the ethical treatment of animals..

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