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Those are where the stars of the league are going to step up. And I think that's what you saw out of an Alex Neil. Lander is the execution was way up in. Also, maybe you know, right now. Forechecking and the neutral zone transition. Maybe it's not going to be all up to speed. But if you get a two on one or you get a situation where you get yourself in. Nine men. Russia will be great. This is what I love about the guys. Right. And then you guys can't see right now. But Hristo is right in front of me. And he's stretching to be taken my my camera time away. So the guy seemed to be losing a lot more fun. We we we actually we have risk for now on camera. They're trying to take your airtime. I think he wants to be on TV when he's done playing hockey this guy. I think he loves the I think he I think he secretly loves our show, and you know, what he yelled out to the internet. What are you guys? But that's just because we pop up. So we love seeing him without a shirt on and talking about how how big he's gotten over the summer Marty. Let me ask you this that looks like two on one back in the day. I remember, Linda, you save all these names. Right. This is basically a continuous two on one where they done the puck the goalie stops by the D comes and picks it up so they're working on their goalies exchange with the defense. And then you have a counter on the far blue line with the one defensemen. And then you just go in and reenact the executions been good. We talked about the passing last year. I'm so many times in practice. Coach all sleep at to blow the whistle and get everybody at center ice and say guys let's make passes tape to tape. Let's let's make him in stride. Let's make him with speed and talking to Matt Ellis during the summer skates that the boys were having a harbour center. He said the pace was really high. There's a change in the in the approach of the players this year as opposed to the last few years now, it's it's easy to say that because the record is zero the regular season hasn't started. But Oakley that keeps up going because I think that's a recipe for success. To get the bleep out of here. I gotta move over risk those kicking me right out. He wants to be on TV. I'm telling you Hristo wants to be on TV. Love media. He loves us. He's just sin. So that's great mardi. If you three guys in tonight's lineup that you would want me on and Nana watch. Who would be the three guys that you would want to have is on. I love is. Whoa. Borgen is one of them. I mean, he was really good in the prospect challenge. Rasmus Darlene did a great and little scrimmage. The add the other day so dalliance going to be somebody to watch and see progression. We talked about risk twins Candela. I think Hristo and scandal are going to be really interesting to me the season to see if they are going to elevate themselves as a top number one pair, or if they're gonna let that go Avs, rasps dally and be the number one guy and be more of a second pair, and to me that is going to be very a story line for season, the weirdest Candela installation and are going to fit in this in this roster before we know is that the number one defense men, and we don't care that he's an eighteen year old guy, or do we do we rely on Hristo and scandal to be able to get that job done? So it starts tonight with those two. All right. And you're on tonight six thirty sabres game night on MSG. So we're looking forward to that games at seven o'clock. I will be tuned in. I'm Bill I believe river will be tuned in or even their mardi. You'll be tuned in we know that..

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