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How can you even arguing graduations would fifty games let's give the oh my lord no better than that exposed in the playoffs when those as usual exit stage left are you are you a ca or clutch i can't remember which which is are you with the rich paul and lebron his agency no no i no he doesn't have you know listen i've never been agency i just have a a new business relationship with the cia but they they're not lebron when i just have a new relationship with them that i'm working on but that has nothing to do with lebron being the mvp i think he should have been every every year in the last ten years to be honest with you question wreck the quarterbacks for me your team's picking second the team that you've made fun of the most over the years on your show the new york jets picking third cleveland brad's the lisa ksfo they're going to be picked do both i want rank you for you as far as my preference i have said all along anyone listen to my show knows this that i said for two years when donald came out he would be the number one picking the draft i am a big donald fan i was he was always my number one quarterback of the group alan transition quickly i know he has a great on i think it's very close with the other two quarterbacks so i think it's donald one and i think it's very close with rosen and alan and to me the absolute while card and i think it's a wildcard in terms of every facet of the game on the field and off the field is obviously the oklahoma quarterback and what he does is really going to make someone look very good very bad he's going to be a hydrophobic and i think he's one of those quarterbacks that can either launch you on a very good career or.

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