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The new report I'm sandy Collins breaking out thousands of second amendment defenders will converge in Richmond Virginia on Monday for a gun rights rally outside the state capitol already several men arrested this week link to a white supremacist group known as the base planning to attend the rally and vying to start a race war the FBI homeland security and national counterterrorism center have issued a bulletin to police across the country expressing a their concerns about violence or a possible domestic terror attack at the rally in Virginia the governor north them declared a state of emergency banning all weapons from entering the area around the planned rally site leading some gun reform groups to choose other actions rather than counter protest ing Shannon what's from da moms demand action says that they're going to be a phone banking rather than facing what they call a dangerous vocal minority many are actually openly calling for violence some going if you are calling for a second for the war meanwhile US spec dive tactical gun shop owner Jerry rap has concern for his customers right very worried there's a lot of unknowns there is a lot of innuendo out there he's been threats about storming the capitol building in Richmond also using weaponized drones so the FAA has now stepped in they restricted flying over Richmond Virginia well it is traffic and weather together some crashes now slowing down traffic we've got a crasher reported on north found seventy one seventy five as you're approaching the Brent Spence bridge that is backed up southbound seventy five you're shepherd lane Springdale road has an accident there in your cold rain and driving conditions are miserable but they are moving now the temperature is of fairly good so we don't have to worry about freezing weather right now the latest.

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